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Sleeplessness of mind

Assalam o Allikum uptrendians!

Hope all of you are fine I am feeling very well these days because of off from online clases so I am working hard on uptrend to get more and more success.

The topic on which I am debating is sleeplessness of our mind. This is the biggest and common problem which faces. I think many of you also face this problem.

Sleeplessness of mind means when your are physically sleeping but your mind is still switched on and is not able to relax. 

This is the serious issue regarding your health. As I many time faces this problem so that's why I choose this topic. The reason of this problem includes


Sleeplessness of mind happens when we overthink about something and that thing keep ticking our mind continuously.

Thinking about other people

The other major reason is when we think about other people that what they say about us. This thing stuck in your mind and you are not able to get your mind out of it.

Comparing yourself with other

When we compare ourselves with other and feel guilty about ourselves and think that other people are getting more success and I am not able than your mind will distract you. This is the biggest problem of our youth for example we compare ourselves with other during exams and think why we not getting good mark if you compare your mind will be able to do something good but if you just think about yourself surely you will get good grades.

Past memories

When you go to your bed for sleep many thing are continuously striking your mind that are the part of your past. When you realize that you have no choice to improve your past but there is a chance to improve your future than you will able to free up your mind from your past.

So I suggest when you go to your bed to sleep than stop thinking and just relax your mind you will surely get a peaceful sleep.

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