Mathematical symbolism

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Mathematics is the alphabet with which God wrote the universe. "

Galileo - 17th century Italian mathematician, geometer, physicist and astronomer (1564/1642) 

Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Einstein (images and photo 1 to 7) ... Since the dawn of time, all great scientists have based their work and their discoveries on the main scientific discipline, mathematics , composed of arithmetic and algebra on the one hand, and geometry on the other. They had discovered and understood that the Universe forms a perfectly ordered whole, governed by laws of harmony which testify to the Greatness and the Wisdom of His Orderer - He Who Is -, His sacred dimension conferring on him the name of God. the Most High, without it being possible for Him / Her to define a form, a nature, a genre of any kind. Each function, each constituent element of life on earth is thus arranged at a subtle level by the great ordering field which is the Consciousness of the Universe, the field of the divine Spirit. This activates energy flows, which can be increased or decreased depending on the quality of the local reception system, such as the human immune system, for example.

Thus, mathematics constitutes an envelope, that of a universal notion present and manifesting itself both in the material universe and in all the other less dense and more ethereal universes that we summarily name "the beyond". All these universes, more or less luminous according to their distance from the Original Source of divine Force (the Holy Grail in the Christian West) constitute Creation, What Is.

This is why the genesis of the world is a myth which has the particularity of being told by a Pythagorean, the character named Timaeus in the eponymous work of the Greek philosopher Plato. Indeed, myth ( mythos ) is not opposed to rationality ( logos ). The myth remains a fictitious story composed by characters, made up of parables and allegories. He does not aim for the truth, but for the plausible, answering metaphysical questions by interrupting and then replacing argumentation and deduction with narration and suggestion. The essential role of the myth is to carry a hidden meaning, an aid to the reflection as well as a moral stimulant. It makes it possible to formulate explanations of phenomena that reason cannot resolve, because the logos is in principle only compatible with the immobile. Allowing the understanding of the intelligible, it comes under science, argumentation and mathematics. The two axes of thought are thus united in order to overcome the limits of each of them, which makes it possible to expose the how and the why of the formation of the universe, as well as the origin of the movement which animates it. *. .

Pythagoras - The Secret Tradition

When Pythagoras (around 580/495 BC) appeared in Greece, a civilization nourished by all the lights of Africa and Asia (Siam, China, Japan, Burma), themselves nourished by the India, the first civilizational cradle in the East, he found the memory of Orpheus, a mythical philosopher almost erased from the memory of men, and his most beautiful instructions, unknown or related to fantastic origins. Since then, the pride of claiming to be indigenous and owing nothing to neighboring nations had upset all ideas and sedimented consciousness. The tomb of Zeus, the living god, was thus placed in Crete; they wanted, at all costs, to give birth, in a village of Boeotia, Dyonisos, the divine spirit, and in a small island of the Archipelago, Apollo, the universal father. A thousand extravagances of this nature were said and the manipulated people, become sovereign by democratic artifices, who believed in it, arrogantly commanded the strongest heads to believe in it also under pain of punishment. The mysteries established to make known the truth to too many initiates were losing their influence. As for the priesthood, the hierophants, intimidated or corrupt, were silent while consecrating lies.

The truth must necessarily be lost altogether, or some other way of preserving it must be found. Pythagoras, the man to whom this secret was revealed *, then did for science what the legislator of Sparta Lycurgus (800/730 BC) had done for freedom by instituting on a point in Greece a convent of soldiers against which the pagan Persian or Babylonian despotism broke. As a philosopher, Pythagoras instituted a secret assembly of wise and religious men who, spreading in Europe, Asia and even Africa, fought against ignorance and impiety tending to become universal.

The sect that he created and which, even today, is not entirely extinct, has crossed, like a furrow of light, the shadows piled up on the conscience of humanity by the pouring out of predatory globalist barbarism through the erection of its intolerant and superstitious cults * ². The human beings who carry it always recognize themselves as much by their high spiritual aspirations as by their scientific demands of the same nature. They are wise scholars.

It is established that Pythagoras used a kind of "Ouija" board in 540 BC. AD, "mystical tablet" on wheels moving and pointing to signs that were interpreted by the philosopher himself or by his student Philolaos. This is why the Pythagorean mysteries are subjects of intense interest for both scientists and mystics.

These scientists have researched and expressed this harmony of the universe * in all forms observable in the cosmos and nature through their respective disciplines, such as astronomy in the study of the movement of the stars. They demonstrated that each component, each element, has its own form interacting with others within its field of expression. Beyond the mathematical and physical formulas used and most of the time complex for the layman, their understanding stems from the peculiarities attached to numbers (algebra and arithmetic) and figures (geometry). These spiritual mathematics deliver the explanatory codes of the functioning of the Universe and of the living. They are the alphabet of the lost Word.

To the philosophical sources of science

The botanist and naturalist, polygraph, alchemist and philosopher student of Aristotle of ancient Greece Theophrastus (c. 371 / c. 288 BC)declared in Opinions of the Philosophers that Parmenides *, disciple of Anaximander, was the first to name "World" the "Universe" and to affirm that the Earth is spherical, located at the center of the universe. He divided things into two elements: fire and earth, and also discussed the distances of the stars from each other and from the Earth. He was also the first to propose the theory of climatic zones which divides the terrestrial globe into five zones, two frozen zones therefore uninhabitable near the poles, and a torrid impassable zone straddling the Equator, separating the two temperate zones, the only ones likely to be inhabited. Parmenides divided knowledge into two parts, two paths of thought, clearly opposed, truth (ἀλήθεια) and opinion (δόξα). This division was for him absolute. PSpeaking of the "force of certainty", he described the heart of truth as "unshakable", whereas in his eyes public opinion lacks the power of conviction. He thus opposed logic to experience, reason being according to him the criterion of truth. Thought, or according to him soul and intellect united, establishes by following the rules of logic that being is, and that it is necessary to predict non-contradictory attributes: it is intelligible, non-created and timeless, it contains no otherness and is perfectly continuous.

This doctrine made him the thinker of Being par excellence, cutting through his rational coldness with other Greek thinkers.

Parmenides of Elea ( late 6th century / mid 5th century BC) is a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, Pythagorean and later Eleate, one of the most important philosophers in the history of Greek philosophy. Plato devoted a dialogue which bears his name, the Parmenides, to deal with the question of Being, which Parmenides tirelessly repeated that he is, while Non-Being is not.

See in addition to the book by Jean Bouchart d'Orval "Parménide, beyond existence", Almora editions.

The movements of nature from mathematical considerations

According to Plato, it is from geometric rules * that the movements of the sky are born, geometry being the fundamental interface between the field of cosmic information and our material reality. Indeed, the sequence of positive numbers represents the distance between the Earth and the six other planets known at its time ( the Earth, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) rotating around it. It also corresponds to the radius of their orbits, at their disposal, and finally the speed of their revolution, which vary according to the length of the circle that the latter describes.

It indicates that the main quality of symmetry is to remain similar to itself during transformations related to a rotation around an axis or to a parallel translation. Of all the figures, the circle is the figure which remains the most identical to itself, regardless of the rotations applied to it. The symmetry also applies to the circular revolutions of the stars, which return immutably to their initial point of departure: "it is the circular course which is uniform and the best regulated".

The regularity of the movement of the stars makes it possible, thanks to their constancy, to serve as a measure, a standard for measuring time; the stars are therefore temporal standards: day and night are generated by the circle of the "cosmos", the succession of months is generated by the movement of the Moon, the succession of years by the movement of the Sun.

Finally, the great year of Plato, that is to say the return of all celestial bodies to their initial position, is generated by the movement of the other five planets. The duration of the great year in the life of the world is 12,960,000 years, expressed geometrically by a square of 3,600 sides. There are periods of which the stars are the measure, and a great year which marks the advent of another cycle. The movements of all the circles of the soul of the world and the movement of the revolutions of the stars generate time. The sensitive world generates time, and not the other way around * ².

To measure time, there is therefore the various times of the planets whose measurements are the movements of the Sun and the Moon, and a common time which dominates all the others, called the great year, which is a primordial standard of measurement linked to the perfection of the circle. The time of the great year dominates the times relating to the Sun and the Moon, since the movement of the sphere of the fixed dominates the sidereal movements.

The scientific expression of number magic


Arithmetic deals with solving number problems using primarily whole whole numbers and positive decimals .

Its essential tool is ordinary language , augmented by calculus on numbers. It remains essentially an oral knowledge, the paper retaining only a few sentences and operations on the numbers which give the solutions of the proposed problems.

Calculation plays the role of a mechanism in the service of reasoning expressed elsewhere. The calculations are only considered as stages which are only valid for the results obtained. By working only on known quantities, it is a matter of progressing step by step from the known to the unknown.


Algebra makes it possible to write the relationship between known quantities and unknown, using it to do the parameters and variables .

The statements of ordinary language are translated into literal expressions on which the algebraic calculation operates.

The use of algebra is made necessary as soon as the complexity of the situations exceeds a certain level, most of the time for problems other than those which concern the first degree.

Between arithmetic and algebra, there are some common tools: the "=" sign, the use of parentheses, the operational signs. But mastering algebra requires both the appropriation of a new syntax - equations , unknowns or functions - as well as new uses of operational symbols, of the "=" sign or of parentheses.

The essential problematic of their relation is the passage of a reasoning which uses the recourse to the written word only to carry out numerical calculations , to a reasoning which uses relations between the numbers . Therefore, algebra cannot be considered as a simple generalization of arithmetic, the art of rhythm which creates and organizes!

Alphabet of the Lost Word

It consists :

• the first 9 integers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. They form the "Archetypal Matrix".

• the 3 mother figures in geometry: the circle, the triangle and the square. They form the "Hexagonal Grid".

• the following 3 universal ideas: the Creator ( Deus ), the Universe ( Natura ), Man ( Homo ). They form the "Tree of 3 worlds".

Number, creator of order

Called by Carl Gustav Jung "the archetype of order", the number is intended to structure. It is not the fruit of man, but that of the manifestation of a transcendent reality of a unitary nature - Reality in the sense of the Absolute - which synchronously links all aspects and elements of What Is , all intellectual, psychic, parapsychic and physical phenomena. They serve as mediators and cement between external reality and mental reality, between matter and spirit. They include the notions of continuous series of integers in arithmetic and the concept of continuum in geometry, the two queen disciplines of knowledge. So they make the forms of order clear in the light of consciousness,

Indeed, the living universe, by its electromagnetic nature, evolves from its structuring in ranges, whether it is sound or light (the colors) *, what Pythagoras called " The music of the spheres "( musica mundana ). This is how the senses of the human being perceive the octaves of frequencies of matter (colors, sounds, flavors, smells, etc.), meaning that there is indeed a mathematical organization of matter by archetypes detectable in numbers and geometric shapes. These archetypes are found both in languages ​​and in systems (yi king, tarot, five elements, etc.). We can therefore make equivalences, the red being able to be the equivalent of musical C for example.

We can then understand the unity behind all phenomena, a deep connection bringing them together. Synesthesia, or the equilibrium of the two cerebral areas * ², is a faculty which proves the unity of vibrations. It is also necessary that the human being is perfectly balanced! * ³

The geometry of gravity

Geometry is important for understanding gravity, necessary for the expression of thought in sequence. If we know the 3 spatial dimensions of our sphere of expression, more exactly of the cube, there are other dimensions, time being circumscribed to the 4th by the theory of relativity. In these other dimensions, our world is sort of "floating". With mathematics, especially prime numbers, there are clues. This means that there are exceptional mathematical structures which were chosen by "Creation" because they are in some way exceptional *. This is how there are exceptional 3-dimensional structures which are called Platonic solids. There are only 7 ...

There is also in mathematics what is called a "Lie group", a group endowed with a structure of differential manifold, for which the group operations - multiplication and inversion - are differentiable. Lie groups are named in honor of the Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie (1842/1899), who introduced them in order to study certain properties of differential equations. Lie group theory describes continuous symmetry in mathematics (description of rotations, translations, translations, wave propagation). In theoretical physics, for example in quark theory, its importance asserted itself during the twentieth century. The 5 exceptional Lie groups have long been used to unify physics, explain gravity using string theory, branes * ², multiverse, and so on. In fact, Lie groups are on the lookout to trap the unwary ( lie in English means to lie ...).

If Lie groups are useful, they do not allow us to understand that gravity comes from consciousness, the only one capable of ensuring the link between the information circulating in the universe and the quality of its transcription in matter according to the state of consciousness of the observer ... In a way, our three-dimensional material universe is a kind of brane floating in a multi-dimensional space of infinite dimensions, both countable and uncountable, the "thoughts" being similar to the proteins made by DNA: there is as much information transmitted by the form as by the chain of amino acids and other components. There is therefore more than one basic "structure" for thoughts!

Of physical constancy

The structuring of the universe calls for consistency, which allows both its good organization and its proper functioning. This is what physics calls the Fine Structure Constant, which is equivalent in mathematics to about 1/137. It is one of the very important constants of the universe, just like the speed of light, the constant of gravity, the Planck constant or the elementary electric charge. Its particularity is that it is a combination of these elements, resulting in a number, pure it goes without saying!

This pure number appears in a Dirac equation , an equation formulated by the British mathematician and physicist Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (1902/1984) as part of his relativistic quantum mechanics of the electron (image). It is initially an attempt to incorporate special relativity into quantum models, with linear writing between mass and momentum. This number tells how light interacts with electricity. So when we see stars and star spectra and can analyze this spectrum in a subtle way, we see this number in the light of the sky (or in some very subtle experiences). We can measure it! In other words, chis coming light is created by scattering or striking an electrical charge, just as when antimatter and matter collide.
The Swiss mathematician Armand Wyler, for his part, claimed to have mathematically derived this number from a kind of geometric consideration. Its formula was pretty much the same as what physicists measure, without anyone being able to figure it out. Invited to Princeton (famous private university in New Jersey in the United States) to explain his derivation, he failed to explain it. Back in Europe, he was placed in a lunatic asylum. He didn't write after that. He disappeared. As for the famous English mathematician of Lebanese origin Michael Francis Atityah, Fields medalist in mathematics, he wrote an article on the Fine structure constant, having obtained it in a completely different way, with quaternions, octonions and a lot of algebra, and giving this number the Russian letter "Ч" ("ch") . The community of physicists does not understand it better. But the result is the same: 1/137. As it stands, this number retains its mystery, that of the explanation of energy and dark matter!

Table of universal qualities perceived by the senses (Cf. Works of the architect Ibrahim Karim)

It follows from this structuring and this functioning of the universe that the numbers have an energetic power over the elements - the atoms, the molecules ... - and the forms resulting therefrom, some being particularly in resonance with a subtle energy " harmonizing "and spiritual such as the so-called" Golden "number *. The geometric representations of the Golden Ratio characterize it as an attractor, that is to say that it is able to act as a spiral-shaped antenna, which attracts to itself a particular type of information (notion transduction). This explains why the alchemical quest * ² was a scientific quest as much as a spiritual quest, the study of colors associated with metals - especially the.

However, everything is absolutely distorted in the perverse game of the 3rd dimensional involutive Matrix of reality. Among the indisputable truths that these scientists reveal to human beings, hide decoys and lies intended to trap them to remain prisoners of the involutive loops of the cyclicity of time specific to this dimension of predation *, because they constitute its survival food. It is therefore necessary to use your discernment, by attaching yourself to the guidance of your Higher Self once the pangs of duality * ² have dissolved to avoid the trap of scientism, that is to say the belief in the power of numbers and forms. without the vibration of the divine Source which constitute them ...

Causal loops

The Austrian logician and mathematician naturalized American Kurt Gödel (1906/1978) is particularly known for having formulated the theorem of incompleteness, which gives a negative answer to the question of the demonstration of the coherence of mathematics. To do this, he studied Einstein's general theory of relativity, showing that if his equations established a category of reasonable cosmological solutions, they nevertheless contained "causal loops". A "Causal Loop" has the same meaning as a "Temporal Loop", that is to say it explains the phenomenon of going into the future and returning to the starting point on time and on time. place from which we "started". If it is called "causal", it is because time in Einstein's theory of relativity is a relative concept, and that different observers can experience Time differently depending on their state of consciousness. The use of the term "causal" thus avoids having to use the term "time". By extension, these causal - or temporal - loops correspond to a kind of "rotation" of the universe.

Causal loops thus make time travel plausible!

Scientists relaying the predator system

These same scientists (Pythagoras, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton ...) explaining the functioning of What Is use the compass and the square (see photo), that is to say the tools specific to the functioning of the patriarchal system enslaving consciousnesses to through "pagan" scientists, and perpetuated in their various forms by secret, occult societies, such as Freemasonry *. Also the awakening of consciousness of the human being passes through Knowledge, namely his own work of research of the Truth emancipated from all beliefs, manipulations and all conditioned conditioning. It is by following the alchemical path * ² that he discovers that this Knowledge is in him, being able to offer him the keys to extracting the death trap set ...

From scientist Isaac Newton

The English mathematician, physicist, philosopher, alchemist, astronomer and theologian Isaac Newton (1643/1727) was part of a secret network of alchemists, probably formed out of the Hartlib * circle of London. He had chosen as alchemical pseudonym Ieoua Sanctus Unus , meaning in French "Jehovah Unique Saint" and also anagram of Isaac Neuutonus. For more than 25 years, he will keep the secret of his activities and especially of his contacts, from which he received a large number of alchemical works and treatises, which he annotated and copied until he established one of the largest alchemical libraries of his time. .

The Hartlib Circle was the correspondence network set up in Western and Central Europe by Samuel Hartlib (1600/1662), a polymath ("intelligencer") based in London, and his associates, between 1630 and 1660. This vast network of contacts and discussions was intended to promote knowledge and the exchange of information across Europe, resulting in a voluminous correspondence between many philosophers and scientists which was not found until 1945. This correspondence is now housed in a special Hartlib collection at the University of Sheffield.

Why have many great musicians been Freemasons and what consequences?

How not to be struck by the number and the quality of the musicians who belonged to Freemasonry: the Italian violinist Francesco Geminiani (1687/1762), the French organist Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1676-1749), the violinist German Johann Georg Léopold Mozart father (1719/1787) and his son Wolfgang Amadeus (1756/1791), Austrian composer Joseph Haydn (1732/1809), Italian composer Luigi Cherubini (1760/1842), French composer Étienne Nicolas Méhul (1763/1817), French composer and violinist François-Joseph Gossec ( 1734/1829), French composer François-Adrien Boieldieu (1775/1834) , Italian composer and violinist Giovanni Battista Viotti (1755/1824), composer Italian Gaspare Spontini (1774/1851) , Hungarian composer and pianist F ranz Liszt (1811/1886), German composer Giacomo Meyerbeer, real name Jakob Liebmann Meyer Beer (1791/1864), Finnish composer Jean Sibelius (1865 / 1957), and many others *.

Initiated by their Masonic affiliation to the foundations of the relationship between mathematics and musical sonority, their common characteristic is the use in their art and compositions of the "proteodie", portmanteau made up of protein and melody which characterizes a process * ² considered as belonging to pseudo-science. This process proposes that each amino acid ( carboxylic acid) constituting the protein (the three proteinogenic amino acids essential for humans are isoleucine, leucine and valine)certain waves are associated which can be transcribed into music in the form of notes. It follows that by the diffusion of a specific proteody of such or such protein, the associated biological function is favored or inversely inhibited ... Thus is woven through them the trap for deluded human beings who, imagining that the music uplifts the mind (especially classical), unaware that it can constitute a poison for its own liberation of consciousness, given its repercussions on the amino acids constituting its epigenetics!

However, the codification of music established twenty-five centuries ago by Pythagoras, based on 12 notes instead of 24, does not promote in its "modern" version the diffusion of frequencies beneficial to the biological body, the harmonic used being of 440 Hz and not 432 Hz , frequency of the creative harmonic * ³ ! It follows that the sound technique can constitute a formidable tool of manipulation, moreover when the music is diffused in a holographic way. Who hijacked the teaching of Pythagoras, and for what purposes? .

Pythagoras and the Codification of Music

The philosopher mathematician has demonstrated the close relationship between music and number expressed in the form of "frequencies" from harmonious sounds made by hammers of different weights striking on an anvil. According to him and logically, numbers "harmonious" between them give harmonious sounds between them. This is why music and number are intimately linked, the laws of harmony of one being reflected in the other and vice versa.

However, his very correct remarks, confirmed by the acoustic sciences, have never been understood or intelligently employed in the West. The system of "successive thirds" (a chord is harmonious because it is composed of several successive thirds), has succeeded the "atonal", in complete disagreement with our physiological system of auditory perception. In other words, it is the search for chance in music that brings us back to "sound". However, what differentiates "sound" from "music" is a notion of coherence or order, without which the human being is lost: the "cosmos" against "chaos". Only the Arabs continued the work of Pythagoras, relayed, among others, by Aristotle, which made their musical bases - the " Our current musical system is an "equal temperament" system, that is to say based on the elements posed by Pythagoras (the octave, the seven notes ...) but distorted, certainly for technical reasons (mainly for convenience. keyboard instruments which have established themselves in Western music as the reference instruments - organ for religious music, harpsichord then piano for secular music -), but also for more "occult" reasons, aimed at preventing being human to benefit from the harmonics of the original Matrix, not falsified *.

Who will manage to "crack" the code of the Universe? If this challenge seems presumptuous for the human being in his (very) limited state of consciousness, cracking the code of the Cyber ​​Matrix, a source of enslaving predation for the human being trapped in his cyclic involutive loops * is at the end of the cycle. civilization an imperative need in order to free the soul and allow it to ascend * ². Some extraordinary minds seem to have found the way by their prodigious intellect. It is the life story of one of the greatest mathematicians of all time, John Forbes Nash. He paid dearly for it, as the Guardians of the Matrix were reluctant to see their food escape. The way is however open,

When genius and madness come together

John Forbes Nash Jr. (1928/2015 - photo 1) is a renowned American mathematician and economist, who has worked on game theory (see below), differential geometry, and partial differential equations. He is the only mathematician and economist to win both the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1994 and the Abel Prize for Mathematics in 2015. On the cusp of a promising career in mathematics, John Nash began to suffer from schizophrenia , learning to live with this disease only twenty-five years later. His life is told in the film A Beautiful Mind (U n Beautiful Mind), directed by Ron Howard from the book "Brain exception" Sylvia Nasar, and released in 2001. 

The Prisoner's Dilemma According to John Forbes Nash *

This game applies to many situations, depicting players interacting strategically: everyone's decision affects the well-being of others! The solution is the situation in which everyone makes the best decision given the best decisions of the others. We then speak of "Nash equilibrium". Otherwise, if everyone follows their self-interest, it hurts the community.

He did his doctoral studies at Princeton (New Jersey), his thesis defended in 1950 on the mathematical theory of games. He introduces a notion of equilibrium, called Nash equilibrium, into non-cooperative games, which is of great importance in economics and social sciences. Noticed by influential circles, he worked several summers from 1950 for the RAND company, a civilian American institution founded by the military, with the aim of applying his work in game theory to the diplomatic and military strategy of the United States. United.

Until the spring of 1959, he taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he carried out work of exceptional scope by studying "Riemann surfaces" * (image 3), a concept at the crossroads of many fields. mathematics including differential geometry, number theory, algebraic topology and geometry, partial differential equations ...Did he then pierce a key to understanding the Cyber ​​Matrix? Still, he was suddenly subject to mental disorders at the beginning of 1959. He hears voices, perceives crypto-communist signs everywhere, feels constantly being hunted down. He had to give up his post at MIT, lived for a while in Princeton, then fled to Europe where he wanted to obtain refugee status. Finally, he was interned against his will in 1961. For nine years, he suffered the violent psychiatric treatments of the time, including electroshocks and insulin overdoses. These months spent in a psychiatric hospital alternate with moments of conscience where he still manages to carry out valuable work. From 1970, he refused to attend psychiatric hospitals and take any treatment,

Gradually, Nash's mental disorders subsided to the point that he was completely cured in the early 1990s. He even resumed his research in mathematics and economics, and received the highest honors: the Nobel Prize in economics in 1994 for his contribution to game theory, the Abel Prize in 2015 for his work in differential geometry. "Fate" catches up with him when he returns from Norway after the ceremony crowning his Abel prize, the taxi that brings him back from the airport off the road. John Nash and his wife were thrown out and died instantly.

A prodigious mathematician, extraordinary intelligence, contribution to diplomatic and military strategy, psychiatric treatments under control ... all elements suggesting that John Forbes Nash had touched on a taboo prohibition - the schematization of the most isometric form. close to the Earth -, his disturbing accidental death signing the mark of the predatory system * ² which wants sublime knowledge to never go unpunished ...

In differential geometry and complex analytical geometry, a Riemann surface is a complex manifold of dimension 1 which, by neglect of structure, appears as a real differential manifold of dimension 2 . This notion was introduced in 1854 by the German mathematician Bernhard Riemann to take into account the singularities and topological complications which accompany certain analytical extensions of holomorphic functions. Thus any real orientable surface - like the surface of the Earth ... - can be provided with a complex structure, in other words be regarded as a Riemann surface. This is clarified by the uniformization theorem.

The flat square torus, or the screen jail

The problem of isometric embedding of Riemannian manifolds, which John Forbes Nash solved in 1953 in the mathematics laboratory of MIT, had until then resisted the assaults of the best mathematicians since its formulation in the 19th century. Named "flat square torus", we can understand it through computer games, which see in some of them characters / free forms of their movement remain nevertheless prisoners of the screen. If they disappear from the top, they reappear at the bottom. Likewise, if they go out on the right, they come back on the left, etc. (image 1). This jail which effectively imprisons the characters / computer forms allows the deformation of the computer screen in the third dimension, in order to concretely carry out the sutures necessary for the continuity of the movement. So the floor must be joined to the ceiling and the left wall must meet with the right wall. It is at the cost of a serious distortion of the square which symbolizes the screen, in this case its passage to a cylindrical form , that the global architecture suddenly emerges in the final form of a buoy ( even from mprove that the two characters / shapes are identical from a topological point of view (we say that they are homeomorphic). The computer characters / forms, forced to move on its surface, therefore have no escape ...

In mathematics, the explanatory concept of the computer screen that traps characters / shapes in this way is called a flat square torus. The surface of the buoy, which represents this flat square torus in three-dimensional space, then takes the name of torus of revolution , this surface representing the world in which the computer characters / shapes live. If it makes it possible to immediately grasp the invisible structure of the screen jail, it nevertheless suffers from an important defect, which irremediably distances it from the flat world of the computer screen: it distorts distances. The torus of revolution (3-D) does not give a faithful image of the flat square torus (2-D). There is deception over distances. This flat square torus is an example of what specialists call a "Riemannian variety", these same specialists calling "isometric embedding" a representation which respects the lengths, in an admittedly weakened version. And that's what Nash solved!

What if he had understood the functioning of the Cyber ​​Matrix in this way, the little characters on his screen being human beings lured by geometric illusions - isometric embeddings - of a false reality in 3-D, as in Pacman? * ² ...

To define this principle of exclusion, which means that fermions cannot be in the same state while bosons can come together while being in the same state, Pauli introduced the concept of spin (photo 5), and this thanks to the "Dirac equation" formulated by the English mathematician and physicist Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (1902/1984 - photo 4) in 1928 as part of his relativistic quantum mechanics of the electron. This equation describes the behavior of elementary particles of half-whole spins, such as electrons.

As the signs used in geometry are "plus" and "minus", our terrestrial space therefore has three "plus" signs, because it has 3 dimensions. For its part, time being different from space, it has a negative dimension. It is then sufficient to transpose these signs specific to geometry to physics by replacing them with zeros, numbers signifying the All accomplished *, to arrive at a theory of the unified field within which the spin (the algebraic spinors of physicists) constitutes the torsion field between geometric space-time and physical time-space in the quantum sense. In other words, the spin operates the rotation between these two dimensions thanks to the unstable waves of gravity. And as gravity is to physics what consciousness is to mind, insofar as the terrestrial electromagnetic field depends in part on the action of the gravitational field * ², we understand how the human being by his conscience can make the gravity drift of electromagnetism to change by this dimensional jump of dimension of reality!

It is indeed through the vibratory power and the energy of his supra-consciousness that the human is creator of his reality, once his interior alignment has been achieved, this torsion field having erased the altered memory programs contained in the peripheral magnetic field of the Earth, in order to reconstitute its original genetics. This means that those who have not reached 5th density of consciousness will not be able to truly become creators of this type of worlds, and that they will remain actors of already existing worlds, that is to say of a future already realized. This is why it is imperative to shed all the limiting beliefs and programs that tie us to this 3rd density, in order to reach 5th density of consciousness where we will be able to imagine our reality, which then can take shape.

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