Investment: Bitcoin, the wrong idea?

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3 years ago

The search for a quick capital gain may convince some to invest in cryptocurrency. But its unpredictability and technicality represent real dangers for novices

Hang in there, studying the price of Bitcoin would make you dizzy. The curve looks like a roller coaster, between a succession of dazzling rises and dazzling falls. At the beginning of January, the cryptocurrency soared by beating record after record to reach a valuation of 40,000 dollars (33,000 euros). Before collapsing , again, to lose 15% in two days.

Even specialists are in the dark. "I admit that I have no visibility, impossible to know over a month what will happen", says Claire Balva, CEO of Blockchain Partner, specialist in cryptocurrencies. Difficult, then, for an individual novice to launch headlong into this nebulous world of fictitious money.

This is not a quick fix. For neophytes, I would advise investing for the long term. Do not play trader, imagine doubling your investment in two days, insists Claire Balva. However, whatever the price level at time T, you can be pretty sure that it will be higher in three, four or five years. Invest, yes, but with caution, as you go, without betting everything on it. "

More and more people are interested

First reserved for initiated people, rather geek , Bitcoin is tending to democratize, according to the entrepreneur. "In my entourage, more and more people ask me questions, even beyond the 20-35 years", she affirms. An evolution in minds caused, among other things, by the investment of large companies in cryptocurrency, to diversify their assets.

“This gives confidence and reassures, supports Claire Balva. For me, Bitcoin is digital gold. There are neither company results behind, nor state, it is a decentralized currency. Some may think it is a speculative bubble that will eventually explode. I do not believe that. In my opinion, Bitcoin is just as likely to collapse as the Euro. Maybe it will go down, but it will never fall back to zero. "

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3 years ago