How to spot a project for the long term

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One sure way to know a project for the future is to check their Github page, see how many activities are being carried out, to see if development is a continuous activity or one-off thing. All of these contribute a great deal to a blockchain project’s success, which is unfortunately readily overlooked. Most investors make a lot of noise about the “next big thing” in the blockchain without the option of a considerable huge amount of development time and commit on Github a priority.

Of course, many investors argue that they are in the business for the money and not necessarily for the technology, which is not an excellent way to invest in the blockchain. To ensure you are making the best investment with the greatest longevity, you should check that there are an active team and developments.

Repository Vs. Team’s Commitment

The first stop for a serious investor who needs to ensure their investment safety is the project’s Github page. All blockchain projects use codes for their developments, CSS, C++, C, GO, Javascript, python, etc. These codes are programming languages. Different projects may decide to adopt the programming language based on their choice or intent for their project. For example, Eth uses the Solidity language, a form, and type of C++ to achieve its infrastructural abilities.

One such active project that is relatively under the radar but has a vast repository and active updates on their Github page is the Sinovate project. On the website is listed the updated number of activities that are carried out in real-time.

A further investigation on their Github page reveals the hyperactivity mode of the project, which already had an update yesterday, 30/01/2021;

It took years of developments, active updates, and hard forks(a form and type of significant updates) for most projects to become seen and known in the community.

Such examples include Bitcoin, taking over 10yrs to become gradually noticed by the traditional investment community like Grayscale and Blackrocks. Eth(Ethereum) even with its big repository and commits took quite some time to get up to a particular value in price. 

With this type of development time on the codes, which is updated on their Github activity, investors do not have to worry about short-term gains as often; short-term gains are not the project’s scope. For instance, not too recently, they started their Holdl Coin Offering, which got accepted last year by the community, on the discord group. This is an active place for the projects’ updates compared to other channels like Twitter and Telegram group.

The significance of HCO

No matter how many updates and developments are going on in the background, a smart, high success rate marketing plan is needed to boost the project’s image and put it in front of the targeted audience for more significant exposure to a broader market. Hold Coin Offering is a strategy employed by the Sinovate team to reward loyal members of the project. 

It reduces the circulating supply, gets much more exposure, and does one thing at the heart of most of their investors, improving the project’s price in the long term.

Unlike typical Defi projects that employ this type of activity that encourages members to hold and gain some compensation over time, popularly called staking, HCO is designed for investors who are complete novices in the world of staking and investing. They need no form of sophisticated skills and expertise to take part and get rewarded. The extra advantage is that typical Defi platforms can go offline. Sinovate has established its presence around the cryptocurrency community and is here to stay.

In the HCO, users are rewarded based on their holding amount, a max of 75k SIN coin over a holding period with a specific % applied over this period.

How to participate

To participate in the Hodl coin campaign, click the “EARN” tab among the Sinovate GUI case (this choice also will be offered in Sinovate mobile wallets soon) and select from the listed period choices with their specific ROI.

The exact block number is 604,000 when the holding period is over. So a rough date will be around 04.02.2021 that marks the end of the holding activity.

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