Health passport: you'll love World's Dystopia afterwards

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by h16

During the year 2020, some daring columnists had taken the game of predictions, with (easy level) proposals on how the epidemic would be managed, on the general level of damage that the measures would cause on the economy and social fabric (medium level) and on the steps that the government would take to plunge us into an Orwellian dystopia (difficult level).

Quickly classified as frightfully conspiratorial or even (horror) directly from the fascosphere, the elements they proposed were fortunately very quickly denied by the authorities, refuted by journalists, dismantled by columnists and seasoned analysts from all the Parisian intelligentsia and also quickly forgotten by a whole people-plasticine propagandized to the core.

However, a little rereading of the post of December 16 requires a little reflection in view of what is currently happening in the world, in Europe and in France.

It evoked an increasingly fine tracing of individuals, the disappearance of cash , the establishment of a universal income and that of a vaccination passport . A few months later, of course, the cash did not disappear and the universal income did not appear. Not yet.

The tracing of individuals, on the other hand, gently continues to be put in place , for the better and, it is guaranteed by construction, also for the worst that we will evacuate very quickly by showing with greed how much to be tracked by the authorities. is desirable and beneficial.

For the vaccination passport, it is the same thing: in the middle of last year, there was no question of putting it in place and the vaccination would remain, no matter what, on a voluntary basis, which means Obviously say that vaccination will become compulsory and the passport imposed fairly quickly.

This compulsory vaccination will probably be a little tricky to impose on the minds ofsheeppatients and nursing staff, but the work of health propaganda is taking place, slowly, gently, surely. Little by little, we explain both that the vaccine allows you to protect yourself and others, but that it will still have to be imposed to ensure that everyone has had it, as if those who were not not vaccinated could nevertheless represent a danger for others, vaccinated therefore protected-but-not-enough ...

Despite the obvious flawedness of this lame non-reasoning, we therefore push a “zero-covid” strategy to anchor in people's minds the absolute need to peck everyone indiscriminately even though it is known that trying to eradicate a moderately immunizing virus, multiplying endemic foci in different animals such as mink , pangolins, bats, dogs, cats, calves, hamsters, monkeys, ferrets , is a doomed strategy for sure .

The multiplication of variants also makes it possible to transport wagons of small balls of fear concentrated in the great furnace of the burning news of our feverish media: countries in the throes of a veritable epidemic of all-out tests inevitably observe the abundance cases and types of viruses.

That this no longer translates into an avalanche of patients is of no interest to anyone since it is no longer a question of fighting against a disease but of promoting new mental reflexes.

The objective is clear: it is necessary to make understood the imperative need to trace everyone, the scrupulous, total and reiterated respect of all the vaccinations to come constituting an essential stage of the submission of all to the government and the administrations.

We would like to believe that it is an exaggeration, even a good big plot, but the news of the world unfortunately confirms the trend: the vaccination which is not normally compulsory in Spain takes a not too funny turn in Galicia where those who refuse to get stung may be fined 1,000 to 60,000 euros . Local authorities have beautiful twist the meaning of words to try to pretend that this does not amount in fact an obligation, Galician citizen must be a reason (or pack) if he does not want (the fool that it is) benefiting from the marvelous technological advances that are so generously offered to it.

And for France, it is ultimately not in a very different way: the vaccination obligation is, as we recall, still not on the menu ... But the idea of ​​the passport continues to gain ground .

In a magnificent application of apartheid which does not mean its name , the government therefore considers quite calmly to impose a discrimination of access to certain individuals according to their state of health and their vaccination status or their blood test, dispossessing individuals a little more of their responsibility and their autonomy to take care of their own health, to protect themselves, to take the measures they themselves consider necessary, to assess their risks for themselves.

The obvious diversions of this technology are awaited with interest.

The first step will be to stay in the health sector by prohibiting certain activities for people whose nice little “pass-santé” will show that they are at risk: too much cholesterol, cancer markers, the presence of certain substances, so many elements that can justify that such and such an individual will no longer have access to such and such a facility, such or such activity, such or such insurance, etc.

The second step will consist in coupling this magnificent invention with new technologies: who would not dream of being evaluated every day for their activities, and being (nicely, of course) reminded by our supervisory authorities that such food is not good for our health, that such activity is risky or - worse - pollutes our mother-planet ...

With physical health being only one part of true health happiness, the other being mental health, the next step may be to ensure that our reading, dating and speaking does not cause distress, fear or distress. anxiety in others (we must put an end to all the micro-aggressions that we all do daily without knowing it, let's see!). Therefore, this passport will evolve to ensure that we have made the effort to police our speeches, our readings, our associates, and everything will be even better in our world and our mind. But yes, you will see.

Ah, no, really, I don't see what would make the conspirators conspire. The months that have just passed have largely proven that their fantasies do not hold water at all.

Move around, there is nothing to see and everything will be fine.

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