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How Much do You Know about Game Credits?

Some of the most carefully built and well-established companies in this industry spend their time in the trenches.

That's the expression that I use when I see someone who is a true hero, doing the dirty work and keeping knowledge of it far away from the people they're helping, protecting, even saving. Soldiers spend their time in the trenches of the ugliest conflicts and wars on the planet not because they want to, but because it is their duty and calling to protect the people back home from having to make the same difficult sacrifices. 

In marketing, when I refer to someone being "in the trenches," I'm talking about a company or person for whom I hold utmost respect. More specifically, in the play-to-earn and blockchain gaming industry, when I see someone in the trenches, they deserve honor and recognition. They are doing the hardest work, but also some of the most important and rewarding work. They have focused not on prying more money from the hands of those who are already behind them, but always reaching new users from the wider world. Unfortunately, much of this work goes unnoticed. 

Crypto, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, play-to-earn, smart contracts... As much as we hate to admit it, these are still different aspects of a very small neighborhood, especially when compared to the wide worlds of finance, banking, ecommerce, gaming, etc. People who have always believed in these well-established global industries will resist with every fiber of their being the idea that they're about to be shaken up and disrupted by blockchain. The best advice I can give you is to be prepared, be resilient, and be considerate of other people's unwillingness to be wrong.

Reaching the Normies

If you have ever attempted to promote a blockchain, NFT or play-to-earn project to a wider audience than those who already know about it, then you already know what I'm talking about. It is no easy task, and those who do not understand will always jump to the worst possible conclusions about that which they do not understand.

I've always been torn about the world they call crypto twitter. There is no shortage of influencers out there promoting this coin or that coin, hoping for a low-marketcap pump, which is always inevitably followed by a dump. Like many of us, I payed a lot of attention to those kind of influencers when I first joined the space. They certainly accomplish a lot in terms of getting normal people to "take the red pill" of decentralized currencies, but unfortunately, they tend to attract people with (how to put this nicely)... the wrong attitude.

The problems I see with promoting without educating are numerous, but the most important one is that new people lose money. There are professional whales and sharks in this space who know how you think as a new investor, what you will do next as an emotional investor and how to get your money. When you combine that with the fact that it is almost 100% certain that they do not have the same ethical code as you, jumping into cryptocurrency as an investor is a dangerous game, one that I do not recommend.

Don't Be an Investor - Be a Backer

Instead of entering this space and thinking of yourself as an investor, you're better off being a believer. I don't mean that you should be an evangelist and try to convert everyone you know to the ways of blockchain. I mean you should find projects and companies that you can understand, and more importantly, that you can believe in. If both of those things are true, then it will be easy for you to find the interest, dedication and discipline to learn everything you need to know about these projects. It is only through intense self-education that you will become so comfortable that you are certain of your own investments in this unpredictable industry.

That's enough of the (random?) cautionary introduction, so let's get into the meat of this article, in which I'll be talking about one of my favorite in-the-trenches projects in crypto: GAME CREDITS.

Game Credits

Game Credits is an eSports platform that is designed to add a rewards dimension to any existing game. This is done of course by using blockchain technology, and few companies in the space have been around the blockchain for as long as Game Credits.

Their mission is all about making it possible for all games to become play-to-earn games. Not only have they made huge deals and developments in the last year, but they have been around since the very beginning of this industry, since 2014. This was before I knew what cryptocurrency was, much less had a solid vision of the potential that play-to-earn held for making the world a happier and more prosperous place to live. This was before the STEEM blockchain was even created by Dan Larimer, a blockchain which would allow for the creation of Splinterlands, one of the earliest pioneers of successful play-to-earn gaming. This was before the word DeFi was even a word, and before anyone knew a thing about decentralized exchange (DEX).

Yep, we all know that we have come a long way. The team behind Game Credits has been watching all of it unfold, confident in the fact that they held this vision first, perhaps even making it possible for all these more recent projects to blossom. Not only have they always been here watching, but they have been making huge strides to stay current and competitive. Plus, they are always in the trenches, doing their absolute best to reach the world of mainstream gaming, a world to which they are determined to show the true power of play-to-earn gaming.

The screenshot below is from the front page of, where you will find an incredible well-organized and informative homepage. I strongly suggest spending some time checking out every detail of Game Credits' offerings and plans. If you do this, you will see a company that is not going away, a company that no matter what the future holds, will be among those leading the play-to-earn charge toward the holy grail of mass adoption.

Staking and Rewards with GAME

In the Game Credits Reward Portal, you'll find the list of games currently on the Game Credits platform. By staking your GAME to back a project on the list, you can earn GAME rewards from the total rewards pool. Many of the games currently on the Game Credits list are already play-to-earn games of one form or another, so this backing reward offers you an opportunity to not only support Game Credits as its own project, but to support the games that they support by earning even more rewards.

If you are holding Game Credits on an exchange, you should learn about this program as soon as possible and get involved. Browse the list of games, then pick a few to play. You can then use your GAME to benefit the entire ecosystem, while earning some handsome rewards for yourself in the process. This is a brilliantly simple system that will create a passive income for you, and it will only get better and more rewarding as the company continues to grow. Remember that if your tokens are held on an exchange, they don't technically even belong to you. When using them to back a project on Game Credits, they are your tokens, and they are powered up to their maximum potential.

Do not try to rely on my articles, or even on the homepage of Game Credits for all the juicy details of their platform. Instead, do yourself a huge favor and read the WHITEPAPER. This paper is from 2020, so it outlines the most up-to-date plans of the company and the Game Credits platform. You can purchase GAME through many mainstream exchanges, including BittrexBitbay and Uniswap.

The above is a screenshot of the how easy it is to back a game on Game Credits. My readers all probably know by now that Splinterlands is my #1 favorite play-to-earn game, not just because I am the Content Director, but because of everything they have accomplished and continue to accomplish while pioneering the blockchain game industry. 

We are proud to have been added to the Game Credits platform, where we have accumulated over 1.6 million GAME in current backed support from the community. This is yet another way that Splinterlands players can earn rewards by supporting one of the greatest projects in the industry and one of our inner circle #PlaytoEarnPals.

Keep on the lookout for exciting upcoming collaborations between Splinterlands and Game Credits, including live Crawl Tournaments, exclusive Splinterlands NFTs minted in the Game Credits Foundry and more!

The Foundry

That's my proof-of launch attendance - the beginning of something big.

Above are some of the collectible NFTs that have already been minted by Game Credits creators!

In the Game Credits Foundry, players, collectors, developers, streamers and artists will be able to mint their own NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The GAME Foundry presents a cutting edge platform for minting custom NFTs while reducing the inconvenience and eliminating many of the excessive costs associated with doing the same on Ethereum. With the Foundry, NFTs are simple to create and deliver, with all fees payable in GAME at a fraction of the cost of the dreaded Ethereum network fees. Learn more by reading the press release from November's release below.

Becoming a creator with Game Credits is very easy. Just visit the Creator Portal inside the Game Credits app and click the link to Get Started. You'll be creating with Game Credits in no time!

The Team Behind Game Credits

The all-star Game Credits team, led by CEO Jason Cassidy, comes from a diverse background of industries with a strong emphasis on (you guessed it) gaming. Check out their winning smiles in the image below, and connect with them on Linkdin through the ABOUT US page of the Game Credits website.

I hope this article has been informative to you about Game Credits, one of the few companies in this space that is undoubtedly deserving of both your attention and admiration. Check out their list of games to decide which are worthy of your time and/or backing support to earn additional rewards. If you have a project of your own that you would like to see on the list, sign up as a Creator and reach out to the Game Credits team, who would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more information and education about projects and companies you can trust, and pioneers in the world of blockchain. Pay attention!

And thanks for reading NON-FUNGIBLE STEW!

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