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Heart is like a flower

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Hello everyone.

We should take care of others and use good words. Everyone have a heart like flower. We should not hurt any one. Harsh wording can give pain to other person. 

Words are most important in our life. We should select polite and nice words when we talk. Its a humanity to give happiness others.

We never think about others in anger we use a lot of harsh words which give pain to others specially our parents and friends. Our word is like an arrow which never come back.

Most of the people forget us for our words but they never forget from inside. So, be polite and think before speak.

Stay bless and Happy.

Sun flower

Asslamu Alikum everyone.

Jumma Muabrik to all. 

May Allah bless all of us with happiness, accept our prayers and forgive us for our mistakes.

Sun flower is a beautiful flower. Everyone know about this flower. This is use for many purposes. This flower mostly use to make oil and its seed also use to eat.

Most of the people like to eat sunflower seed in roasted forms.

Stay bless stay safe.


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