Decentralized finance in your pocket: Unbeatable returns and new partnerships for a growing giant

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Have traditional banks said their last word? Even if they still seem to ignore it, a tidal wave called “Decentralized Finance” is putting their monopoly at risk. The world is awakening to the disproportionate interest rates offered by the benefits of financial disintermediation.

The technologists, modern-day Robins des bois, set up systemic infrastructures, allowing their clients to benefit from the best interest rates on the market. Let's discover together a very serious DeFi application, which experienced its official launch on February 12.

This promotional item is brought to you in conjunction with YIELD App .

Pocket DeFi

Distrust is essential when you want to spare the efforts of a lifetime of toil. Still reserved for an elite, decentralized finance is gradually starting to take root in households, but still involves risks linked to its open nature . A complete overview of the chosen service provider should be made before placing your trust.

YIELD App est une option qui doit absolument attirer votre attention. Après avoir levé 3 millions de dollars et séduit plus de 8000 utilisateurs depuis le lancement de sa version Beta. L’entreprise compte parmi ses investisseurs plusieurs grands noms de l’écosystème : BnkToTheFutureAlphabit FundDigital StrategiesPALcapitalYeoman’s Capital et Chronos VC.

In fact, these informed and techno-centered investment funds first of all sensed the importance of a pocket DeFi bank , where users can finally benefit from the interest rates owed to them. YIELD App embodies this new paradigm, with an approach where simplicity and fluidity of use are the key words.

After its consumer launch on February 12, 2021, YIELD App is now accessible to everyone, and will allow you to generate returns of up to 20% annually on USDT and USDC stablecoins. The team is working hard to offer equivalent services related to Bitcoin and Ethereum shortly .

Oracle and DeFi

In order to operate under the best conditions and to offer solid guarantees to its customers, the YIELD App team has no other choice than to rely on the best available technologies. The integration of Chainlink is now complete , and will allow the application to rely on the most reputable of decentralized oracles, in order to guarantee flawless and real-time precision of the value of the assets used.

“Chainlink takes us to the next level in the management of our funds. This technology allows us to provide our users with the fairest market prices in a secure and transparent environment. They will therefore be able to make the best decisions and independently verify that the best interest rates and underlying services for DeFi products, made available by YIELD App, have been obtained. ”

Tim Frost, CEO of YIELD App

In addition to increased reliability for its customers, this partnership allows the YIELD App team to juggle more skillfully between protocols offering attractive rates of return, and to ensure the continuity of strong passive revenues for its customers.

The multiplication of DeFi solutions should not be synonymous with slackening in your “due diligence” work. YIELD App has considerable advantages, however, to become the option of choice for a decentralized future with insane interest rates. A single click separates you from an extraordinary experiment, after which it will be difficult for you to go back.

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