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Magazine EN ROUTE… towards the triumph of the Glorious Cross - Special issue

infectious dies, it is not

really a vaccine, but a

gene therapy

The principle is as follows: We

injects into the patient's body

a messenger RNA (a fragment

synthetic coronavirus) in-

encapsulated in nanoparticles

lipid 6

to better penetrate

in muscle cells during


These fragments go

to stay inside

healthy cells

patient, everywhere

in the body (even

in cells which,

normally, do not

would not have been infected

tées. Cf. Dr. Sucharit Bhak-

di, microbiologist), and re-

program these cells

healthy lules so that

themselves produce

fragments of the real virus, in the

aim of eliciting antibodies by

response to these molecules of


You read that correctly: this new

calf "vaccine" will play with your

DNA for you to become

yourselves a mor-

virus skins!

In other words, this "vaccine"

transforms the patient into GMOs ...

‟There is a real risk of

transform our genes definitively-

is lying. There is also the possibility,

by modification of acids

nucleic acids of our eggs or

sperm, to transmit

these genetic modifications to

our children.

I am all the more horrified

that I have always been in favor

vaccines and that I have

chaired for

years of instances

making policy

vaccine. Today,

we must say stop to this

extremely plan

disturbing. ” (Dr Christian

Perronne, head of department

in hospital infectious disease

Raymond University-

Poincaré, France)

This technology,

tested in the past

on laboratory animals,

turned out to be a disaster. The

Dr Carrie Madej, physician

in internal medicine and osteopathy

the in the USA, explains:

‟During the last twenty

years, all the attempts before

cedent to produce a vaccine

similar have failed. During ex-

experiences on animals, where they

administered these vaccine sera

messenger RNA or DNA

modified, the animals seemed

5 Genic: which acts on genes, or DNA. 6 Nanoparticles: very small, microscopic particles. / Lipids: included

its in a fat. This lipid nanoparticle technology

(LNP) has been patented for almost all countries (including Canada) by

Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC (Bill Gates), June 20, 2019 and pu-

signed on March 26, 2020, under patent number WO / 2020/060606, bearing the

title of "Criptocurrency system using body activity data" (which translates

by "Hidden exchange system using bodily activity data").

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