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It's Time We Care

I still don't understand how we cannot care about the welfare of others at such a time when our world is struggling against a virus that threatens to wipe us out.

When the covid-19 virus appeared on the scene last year and began spreading, every country took precautions to limit the spread and protect the people. This was a global situation that not only brought out our empathetic side but the need to protect one another by staying safe and carrying out every precaution as given by the health organizations.

I am still alarmed at the rate in which some group of people still don't care whether or not their neighbor or the person next to them stays free of this virus. I believed we were almost done with the pandemic last year with the release of new vaccines but with the new wave and lockdowns going on, I guess not.

I read of the traveling salesman in China linked to the spread of covid-19 infections to about 102 people after giving a public lecture. He knew he had the virus though showed no symptoms!

It was reported this man held this public talk at a salon where there were elderly people and in no time there was a cluster of infection erupted in the north-eastern province of Jilin in China. Now more than 100 new cases of covid-19 has been reported in China today.

Where is our humanity? The time has come for us to be more proactive and care more about others and ourselves. When we wear our face masks, avoiding crowds, keeping a clean, sanitized environment, cleaning our hands and other precautions, we do it not only for ourselves but for the next person close to us and ultimately for the safety of our world.

It's time we care.

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