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Mortality 55 😂😂

Not just waking up and walking

He even sleeps with me

In a language that no one else hears or knows

He also speaks

After he talked to me

I'm not just about color

I also see the color of the paint

Not just the taste

I also experience the taste buds

Not just a variety of experiences

I also feel the sensations of the experience

After he talked to me

He and I to talk

It's not just a matter of sound

He speaks

And I don't even have to listen

He speaks so sweetly

He gave me not only life

Life is also given

To live is also to live

He is such a dear and close friend

It is as sweet as life itself

For all of them

I am grateful to him


Smiling when he comes in front of me

To me

The most beautiful sunrise

I feel like coming in front of me.                                                                                         Image;Pixabay

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