CLEVER DEFI opened the floodgates and investors are swarming for CLVA tokens

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CLEVER is a DeFi protocol that offers a unique way for users to earn compounded interest for holding its native token CLVA. Using blockchain technology, Clever DeFi offers the very best yield farming opportunities without any restrictions and special requirements.

888 Interest Cycles

To get a better perspective, Clever defi has built a crypto ecosystem that ensures that users are compensated in a fair and decentralized way over a fixed period of time. This is achieved within 888 interest cycles that is programmed within the Clever Defi smart contract.

The smart contract uses a Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM) that mints CLVA tokens for 30 days after the launch of the smart contract. One of the unique things about the minting period is that CLVA tokens are available at a discount during the 30 day minting period starting from an initial zero supply.  The rates are at the best value for those that mint early and the earliest adopters get the best rates.

So far there has been a surge from investors since the beginning of the minting period which began on February 1 2020. These investors do not want to miss out on the opportunity to earn compound interests and are accumulating since the price of CLVA is relatively cheap.

At the end of the 30 day minting period by March 2nd 2020, the fixed interest cycle begins and users start earning for holding CLVA tokens. The interest cycle occurs every fortnight (14 days) for 34 years. Therefore CLVA token holders will start earning yields immediately after the minting period ends in March.

The earning potential in CLEVER DEFI is massive when compared to other DeFi yield farming protocols. For example, holding a minimum of 5000 CLVA for a year without selling will yield a potential return of 307%. This is more than any other DeFi protocols in the market.

In addition, CLVA holders are not mandated to stake their tokens in order to get rewarded. This ensures risk free investment as CLVA holders can exchange their tokens during cycle periods without the fear of penalties. On the average owners of CLVA tokens will be able to attract an annual yield of 80% over a ten year period.

A sustainable and reliable DeFi platform

CLEVER DeFi is also designed to be a sustainable project and yield rewards are reduced every cycle. Also, unlike other projects that pre-mine tokens, Clever Defi team holds zero initial supply of CLVA Token. This gives legitimacy to the project and ensures unfair practices do not occur after the minting period. Instead the team is paid a fraction (0.1%) of the interest generated by the smart contract every interest cycle.

CLVA token holders are also not mandated to enter into contract terms or staking periods that characterize the DeFi sector. Instead users are able to remove and sell their tokens at any time during the interest cycles.

In all CLVA offers automatic payments that happen on-chain with no requirement for user intervention. CLEVER DEFI smart contracts are also fully verified and audited properly which means that it is hack proof and unlikely to suffer bugs that could put the entire network at risk.

While the zero supply means that every CLVA is minted by the community maintaining the decentralized nature of the DeFi protocol. To partake in the Clever minting phase, just connect to your ethereum wallet using Metamask via the Clever Minting Portal and select the amount of CLVA you wish to mint.

You will automatically receive the selected amount of CLVA tokens to your wallet address. To learn more about CLEVER DEFI, you can visit the website or read the whitepaper.


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