Blockchain supply chain platform Morpheus.Network releases new SDK

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3 years ago

Morpheus.Network, a blockchain-powered supply chain platform, has announced the launch of its new software development kit (SDK); allowing 3rd-party developers to build modules on the platform.

The Morpheus.Network SDK is a specialized version of the Morpheus.Network platform, including APIs and code samples linked with tight security measures; which permits 3rd-party companies and developers to create and test their own custom modules.

Once new modules have been built and gone through careful security and QA review, Morpheus.Network can add the modules to the main platform.

“Our new Software Development Kit (SDK) brings the Morpheus.Network platform to a whole new level of compatibility and extensibility. Now for the first time, 3rd-party developers can extend the platform which will open up new opportunities and collaborations, while enriching and expanding the Morpheus.Network platform.”
– The Morpheus.Network Team

Along with the SDK, development partners also receive direct access to the Morpheus.Network developer team for support and guidance as they build their own modules.


Recently, the SDK was instrumental in work with SENASA and Polaris.Network.

SENASA, the National Food Safety and Quality Service of the Argentine government, agreed to work with Polaris Network to implement the Morpheus.Network solution for animal management and certification using blockchain and IoT technologies.

“The Polaris.Network and Morpheus.Network collaboration could not have happened without the SDK. It was an instrumental component of our work together and we continue to depend on it along with Morpheus.Network’s close collaboration and support as we continue to expand into new global territories and opportunities!”
– Daniel S. Levi, Polaris.Network

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3 years ago