Bitcoin Is the Biggest Jailbreak in Human History,' Says Philosopher Stefan Molyneux

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On February 19, the Canadian podcaster and Freedomain Radio host, Stefan Molyneux, discussed his thoughts about bitcoin following the crypto asset’s tumultuous rise capturing over a trillion-dollar market valuation. Molyneux’s recent speech describes the liberating potential bitcoin could bring to the masses and how the crypto network has the ability to change humanity for the better.

‘Bitcoin Is a Currency That Serves the People at the Expense of the Parasites’

Just recently the crypto evangelist and philosopher, Stefan Molyneux, spoke about the Bitcoin blockchain in great detail. Molyneux opened his speech by answering a question about BTC and ETH having a hard time scaling. The Freedomain radio host said that it is good to critique, but that people in the crypto space wouldn’t give up so easily.

Molyneux mentioned that bitcoin’s market capitalization just crossed the trillion-dollar milestone and noted that the people who have added that value won’t throw in the towel. He insisted that many crypto proponents have given a decade of their lives toward spreading adoption, and mentioned there are solutions like bitcoin cash (BCH) and the Lightning Network.

“The Bitcoin community is composed of just about the most brilliant, and economically and ideologically motivated human beings on the planet,” Molyneux stresses in his video. “Bet against them at your freaking peril, because Bitcoin is not just an alternative currency, it’s not just a store of value, it’s not just a cool public ledger. Bitcoin is a passionate FU to the powers that be,” Molyneux adds.

Freedomain Radio philosopher and anarcho-capitalist, Stefan Molyneux.

The Freedomain philosopher continues: “Bitcoin, as I’ve argued publicly in speeches many years ago— Bitcoin is the potential end to war, to end hyperinflation, to end intergenerational debt— Bitcoin is a mission of mercy to the future— Bitcoin is the Jesus to the new conference of the religion of peace called crypto. Bitcoin is the people regaining control over their currency for the first time in the history of the world— Bitcoin is currency democratized, unpolitized, unpredatored.”

Molyneux added:

Bitcoin is a currency that serves the people at the expense of the parasites, rather than the currency which serves the parasites at the expense of the people at the moment. Bitcoin is rescuing your precious labor from being hoovered up endlessly by the invisible vampire mosquitoes of central banking.

Today’s Fiat Currency Is Slavery Tethered to Unborn Generations

The philosopher continues by commending the Bitcoin community and says that the people in crypto are “seriously brilliant.” Beautiful and “deranged people,” he says that are “committed to the future of peace and plenty that Bitcoin could represent.”

Molyneux further notes that the current fiat currency distributed by the world’s oligarchic bureaucracy is “slavery.”

“What we understand is currency now is slavery. The currency is summoned into existence at the expense of your children’s futures. What you think of as a dollar sign is a slow jugular sucking noose twined and twisted around the necks of your children,” Molyneux reveals.

National debt, Molyneux continues to highlight is “a real human trafficking problem.” You need to understand the Bitcoin space he adds. “The passion that these incredibly brilliant people have brought to bear on the oldest human problem— How do you store a value so that thieving predatory vampiric assholes can’t get their jugular sucking tentacles on it at all times? How do you store value so that you can actually come back to it?” Molyneux asked.

He adds:

Civilization is all about the storing of value. How do you store value? That’s civilization you understand. Bitcoin is about how you store value so that [parasites] can’t get their hands on it. They just can’t. You put your money in the bank, inflation eats it away, you store your meat by the river, the flies lay their eggs in it and you can’t eat it, you got gold coins in Rome, they put all kinds of a bimetallic [crap] into the gold and destroy its value in your hand.

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‘The Likes of a Revolution That We Have Never Ever Ever Seen Before in Human History’

Molyneux says that humans are all about storing value and in the evangelist’s opinion, the storage and retention of value is everything in life. “By creating something that can store value outside the state, that is the likes of a revolution that we have never ever ever seen before in human history,” the philosopher insists.

“If shells on some island are the currency,” Molyneux details in an analogy. “Then you need three shells a day to live, and if you get four shells, someone’s gonna take the fourth shell. Then tomorrow you won’t bother to get the fourth shell. You just stick with getting three shells and nothing will ever progress, because nothing can be saved or stored up in value. Nothing ever gets built because everything you build is going to be taken away from you,” he added.

“Bitcoin is the biggest jailbreak in human history,’ Molyneux’s video highlights.

Molyneux continues: “Imagine… everything you build is going to get taken away. It’s happening [right] now, you understand. Everything you have built is already taken away by unfunded liabilities, national debt, inflation— Everything you build is already taken away. You are just holding it now to have it for a little while to give you the illusion so you can go to work tomorrow.”

Bitcoin Represents a New Financial System That Doesn’t Leverage the Unborn as Collateral

Molyneux says you can have a house. But it’s really not your house. He highlights that you have to pay the government every year to keep it.

“And the government put it in so much debt and you in so much debt, that it’s gonna be owned by some foreign bankster, at some point,” Molyneux’s speech details. “Or the entire currency is going to collapse and society goes back to savage gangs and you lose your house. You pretend you have a house, you pretend you have electricity, you pretend you have a car, you pretend you have everything but you have nothing.”

The Freedomain radio host further says:

You know this 2030 ‘you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy,’ [that’s the way it is] now. In fact you owe, you don’t own, you owe. You are only allowed to pretend you own something so that you will get up and go to work tomorrow. That’s it man.

Bitcoin has changed this course, Molyneux emphasizes. Bitcoin is the first of its kind that can actually keep parasites away from stealing value he notes. He says that the society we live in today treats babies and the unborn as “collateral.” Bitcoin can bolster a system that does away with such an immoral system.

“If you generally understood how much debt was taken out on your behalf just because you are breathing,” Molyneux notes. “If you genuinely looked at that math, you can find it pretty easy,” he added.

Molyneux’s speech continues for another 20 minutes longer, and readers can watch the rest of his speech here.

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