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Ether, the second largest cryptocurrency, could see its value increase sevenfold to $ 10,500 after breaking a record this week, an analyst from Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC said in a note to investors.

The price of bitcoin's main enemy , Ether, surpassed $ 1,400 on Tuesday, January 19. The prospects are dizzying: the currency could tease the 10,500 dollars, indicates David Grider, analyst-strategist of the market, in a note to the investors spotted by the Bloomberg press agency.

The prediction of the specialist at Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC is based in part on the popularity of the Ethereum blockchain in so-called decentralized funding applications. In addition, it progressed towards an update of the network allowing to process a number of transactions comparable to that of Mastercard Inc. and Visa Inc.

In the crypto-universe, Ether is "the best investment game from a risk / reward correlation point of view," said Grider, adding that "blockchain computing could be the future of the cloud. ".

600% increase in one year

A 14% rise was recorded earlier this week, where Ether hit $ 1,407.3 (1,440 at its peak). The previous record, set in January 2018 at 1,428 dollars, was thus broken.

The associate director of the Moonrool Capital fund, Simon Dedich, also expects a rise. According to his prediction, the price of Ether could reach $ 3,000.

Over the past 12 months, it has increased by more than 600%, according to calculations by the Tradingview site. By comparison, bitcoin has risen just over 300% over the same period, RBC recalls.

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