Become a Bitcoin Samurai in three clicks: get rid of banks with Umbrel!

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Protect the privacy of your bitcoins  - We already told you about the excellent Umbrel software , allowing you to quickly and hassle- free setting up your own Bitcoin Full Node (BTC). With 3 new applications including its brand new Samourai Server, Umbrel is more than ever the Bitcoin client that promotes its adoption by the greatest number.

Umbrel: a new, even more functional version

Good news for those who would like to create their  full  Bitcoin node  or who already know this software: the Umbrel client   has been updated and released its  version 0.3.3  on February 15. You will find the most recent version directly on the official website of the project.

No less than  three new applications  come with this update: the  Samourai Server , the explorer   and the LNbits option   for the Lightning Network.

Let's take a look at Umbrel's new  Mempool  feature first. It is an explorer of what one could compare to the  RAM  of the Bitcoin network. This is where the new transactions due to arrive on the blockchain are put in a sort of  “waiting area”,  before being validated by the  miners , then integrated into  the distributed ledger (which would be the read only memory / hard disk). , to extend this analogy).

In addition to making it possible to  visualize  this buffer zone, the tool will allow users to estimate transaction costs , or to  search for specific data  (transactions, addresses, in particular). Note that the tool is available from the official project site , and that Umbrel therefore offers any bitcoiner to host by itself its own instance of the service on its full node.

Regarding the LNbits application  , it is here to a new Lightning Network  (LN) wallet  that Umbrel opens. This will make it easier to divide your LN wallet into  several accounts , in particular to create additional users, for example among close family or friends. Ideal to  introduce them  to Umbrel and the Bitcoin Lightning network, by exempting them from all the technical management!

The Samourai Server to offer a range of privacy options

The big news of this update is undoubtedly the  Samourai Server , a privacy protection implementation   brought to Umbrel thanks to  Lounès Ksouri , Luke Childs and Mayank Chhabra .

This new option allows you to manage:

  • Whirlpool , the famous bitcoin mixing / mixing service, which greatly complicates the tracing of past transactions of these BTCs;

  • Dojo , a private full-node Bitcoin service that increases the decentralization of the  Samourai Wallet , a Bitcoin wallet focused on anonymity and security, and from which Whirlpool and Dojo are precisely born.

With these new features, Umbrel has become even more essential to easily and efficiently set up your own   Bitcoin full node , whether you are a beginner or confirmed in this field. Do not hesitate to consult our  small guide and tutorial  for Umbrel to get started in the Bitcoin network at 100%.

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