Because decentralized finance cannot be invented: crypto professionals have thought of everything

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A constellation of opportunities - With the explosion of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and derivatives are on the rise. An infinite number of tools that can be the source of a diversified investment strategy, as our friends in the local Trading love. 

To stay active in your long-term investments, yield farming and its insane "APY" can make you dream. The offer is plethoric, and the implementation mechanisms are complex, even risky if one ventures there without a minimum of foresight. It is therefore essential to understand all the tricks of the genre, and the Crypto Investor MasterClass was designed with this specific objective in mind.

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The need to understand

The principle is simple : By leveraging smart contracts, some DeFi protocols promise to remunerate you in exchange for the provision of liquidity. In other words, you will be able to lend your cryptos and passively earn interest as a reward. And there is something for everyone!

As a DeFi-doped A booklet might suggest , making a deposit on certain applications, including stablecoins, can be very lucrative. If you are more greedy, there are “vaults”, smart contracts acting like hedge funds to place and move your funds while optimizing your profits . 

You can also participate in “liquidity pools” and earn interest on the coins you make available to traders, interest to which are sometimes even added various tokens, as part of promotional offers for example.

Better to be well supported when this exploration can be littered with scams and malicious actors. In order to maximize your chances of success, a team of crypto professionals gives you a summary of knowledge, available within the now reference training: MCCI (Master Class Crypto Investor).

DeFi, your ruthless universe

At this stage, the MCCI will be of invaluable help to new entrants who wish to rub shoulders with these offers without getting involved. Even if you are already the local expert in calculating profitability, it will take a lot of courage to explore the depths of techno-centric protocols, which sometimes border on obscurity. 

For example, to benefit from a realistic and optimal leverage effect using “flash loans” in order to grow your initial contribution multiplied by a factor of 3, and without risking losing everything instantly, it seems at least sensible to arm "a little" ...

All the more so as these activities present many risks for those who do not anticipate the problems. The impermanent loss can affect yields the point of making an investment against-productive, attacks "rug pool" can siphon the protocols that you have placed your corners, unsuitable levers can lead to the liquidation of your capital costs repetitive transactions can reduce your winnings and even turn them into losses, etc.

In this eminently technical and subtle context, where winning big will often make you move on a tightrope, acquiring real skills distilled by the best specialists in the matter will necessarily be decisive. And it is in this extremely competitive environment that the added value of MCCI training is undoubtedly one of the best return on investment possible in the short and long term.

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