A look into Mark Cuban’s evolving beliefs about Bitcoin & crypto assets

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The store of value generation” is what entrepreneur Mark Cuban termed young crypto investors as. In a blog explaining this narrative, the billionaire today seemed to caution older generations and Wall Street stalwarts. He stated why the idea “that a crypto asset could be a store of value” is not “crazy.”

Old Schoolers say that you need to have something “tangible” in order for there to be value and we will deal with fraud after the fact. The New Generation…has known their entire lives that what has been of greatest value to them has been digital .

According to Cuban, a stock was also a “digital store of value” and further said:

They also know that the more they work together , the less power Wall Street has. They know that fat and happy Wall Street has become slow, stale and set in their ways.

Cuban believed that Bitcoin “having a decade-plus long history of transactions and wealth generation’’ was a store of value. Young investors don’t find it any different in getting advice from peers on social media hubs or from an influencer speaking on mainstream media. He believed that the modern investors know how a smart contract and the digital asset it reflects “are a better investment than the old school narrative of “STFU” or see, touch or feel uses. 

Cuban’s opinions are in stark contrast to gold advocate Peter Schiff’s who has often criticized Bitcoin as a bubble and a Pyramid scheme. In a recent tweet he implied that the investors in the digital were actually falling for a “Bitcoin scheme.

Bitcoin is neither a Ponzi Scheme, a Pyramid Scheme, nor a Chain Letter, though it incorporates elements of all three. It’s really a more sophisticated version modernized for the digital age. My guess is that in the future similar schemes will be referred to as a #Bitcoin Scheme.

— Peter Schiff (@PeterSchiff) January 28, 2021

Mark Cuban’s evolving beliefs about crypto assets, Bitcoin in particular began in 2019 when Cuban referred to the asset as a collectible. At the time, he gave Bitcoin “no chance” of becoming a reliable currency. However, he recently claimed that as long as people accepted Bitcoin “as a digital version of gold,” it was investable. He still maintained that such assets “are rarely used as currency” such as Bitcoin, Ether and “tokens” that “support DeFi.”

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