9 great ideas for making money

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d jobs in addition to earn money

  • Transporting packages

I didn't know about crowdshipping - getting delivered by a stranger - before I accidentally clicked on an ad for Jweby, a site that was looking for “delivery people”. I often go to Spain, my family lives there, and I travel to Europe for my work, in short I move a lot. So why not?

A little playfully at the beginning, I create my account, I enter the dates of my trips and I set my own prices, not too high if I want it to work: 30 € for an urgent mail to be delivered during the day, 20 € for a parcel of clothes ...

Obviously, orders don't fall right away. But the first, after a month, leads to the following ones, because my profile is well noted. It suits me because it's simple: so as not to waste time, I pick up and deliver the packages at the airport, and I only accept open packages to be sure I am not transporting anything.

My earnings:  80 € per month on average. They are transferred to my Jweby fund, I use them to give me travel souvenirs or to treat me to duty free.

  • Cooking for strangers

VizEat connects tourists or locals who want to dine in private homes . I cook well, my roommates are up for it and we have a major asset: a large terrace. We sign up. 

Some profiles present themed meals, worthy of “ An Almost Perfect Dinner ”, others, professional menus. We will never be able to compete with a 3-star. We rely more on our good humor ... and our famous terrace.

We saw it right: last month, it was she who seduced our first guests, a group of girlfriends who were celebrating a bachelorette party .

Our earnings:  For this evening, by deducting the price of the ingredients, we collected 80 €, which we finally left in a common pot for the roommate. We intend to start over, by managing the requests according to our schedules: above all, we don't want it to become a constraint.

  • Provide concierge service

It's a friend who introduced me to Welkeys. The principle is simple: get paid to manage the handing over of the keys to apartments rented on sites like Airbnb. In six months, she won € 500. More than enough to make me want to try. 

Registration on the site is free, but I must provide proof of identity and a clean criminal record, then go for an interview. Quickly, I landed my first assignment: a couple who sublet their two-room apartment during the holidays.

When the tenants arrive, I just have to give them the keys. And when they leave, check that they have not taken the hi-fi system. I spend a lot of time checking the smallest detail, I especially do not want to make a mistake ... And little by little, I know how to go quickly, so as not to miss anything.

Today, as I have good contacts with the various owners, my profile is well noted and requests are more and more regular. My studies leave me a lot of free time, so in addition to handing over the keys, I also do a little cleaning and I bring clean laundry back to the apartment.

It is provided by Welkeys: the more I do, the more I get paid.

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My earnings:  350 € in three months. All transactions are done through the site, it's simple and secure. And I don't intend to stop.

  • Draw posters

I was doing my last days of internship in the accounting department of a cultural center, when I heard about the creation of a poster for the "open house week". Nobody has an idea and the budget is reduced to the max.

At the moment I dared not say anything, but in my corner, between two reports to be made, I made some sketches and collages. I have been taking plastic arts lessons since I was little and I wanted to make it my job, before listening to my parents who advised me to learn "a real job" ...

Three days later, during a meeting, I jump in and show my sketches. Nobody expects it: for them, I take care of the numbers. But they like my ideas, they will use them as a basis for work and I can help them. 

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In this cultural center, I know that honesty comes first, so no risk of my drawing being used while I am kindly referred to the account. My internship supervisor agrees: every afternoon, I draw, digitize, I do retouching with the creation team ...

My earnings:  250 € for the poster! They have been very generous. Plus my internship allowance. And the pride of seeing my work on the walls of the center.  

  • Create jewelry

During the day, I am a project manager, but in the evening and at weekends, I create jewelry. Two years ago, when I bought a pair of earrings , I clicked: I'm sure I could make them myself. I learn about the materials, I do tests and very quickly, it becomes a passion. 

But a passion that is expensive. The fine stones, the tools… I have to finance the equipment, and the few orders from my friends are no longer enough. So I do research to launch my online sales site. 

It seems complicated to me, until I find out about Etsy. That's what I need: immediate visibility around the world and a back office from where I can manage my page very easily. I created my brand, Mitsy Sunday , and little by little, the first requests arrived.

My earnings:  € 4,000 over one year… which I reinvest almost entirely in raw materials. Without this money, making my jewelry would cost me too much. But thanks to this bearing, I can have fun without feeling guilty.

Tips for making money every month

  •  Make DIY

For my wedding, zapping the sites of invitations wedding and decorative, am horrified by the prices. As I am rather good at all that is manual, I decide to make the decoration myself, for fifty people. I watch tutorials on the internet, I take a wood cutting course ...

And I'm doing well! I draw the announcements, I use driftwood for the place cards, scraps of fabric for the pennants… On D-Day, everyone is amazed. Compliments motivate me. It makes me think and I go for it.

My job allows me to be available from 6 pm, I start to create other objects, ten. A few boxes for gifts, frames for photos… I put them online on a classifieds site, I exhibit them in garage sales on weekends. 

For a year, I just made a few euros, until a couple of friends contacted me to order: remembering what I had done for mine, they want me to take care of the whole thing. decoration of their wedding on the theme of the beach. My first big order.

My gay ns : They paid for all the material and asked 300 € for my work We treated ourselves to a sofa!

  • Make temporary tattoos

Night market, one evening on vacation, two girls offer glitter tattoos , fairies and balloons on their hands to kids. It clicks: the same thing for adults, with, instead of fairies, logos of luxury brands or figures like Master Yoda.

To go to the evening, that would be great. I have a concept… So I look for the right material: a cosmetic glue, glitter of all colors and especially the ideal paper for my stencils. I train on my girlfriends and once I master the technique, I create a Bimbo Tattoo account on Facebook and Instagram.

The friend of a friend spots the photos: she is organizing a party in her shop and would like me to set up a workshop. That night, I tattooed strangers for the first time. They contacted me for the launch of a fanzine. From a storage room to a birthday party, I now provide two to three events per month.

My earnings: By deducting the price of the material, I make about 75 € each time I'm not looking to make a living, I work, but after a workshop I have a few tickets for my weekend outings.

  • Put your accommodation on Airbnb

I live in La Rochelle, but when my boss offers to supervise the opening of a store for eight weeks in Montpellier, I don't hesitate for a second. He takes care of the accommodation on site, but I still have to pay my rent here. I feel like I'm wasting my money ...

For my friends, an empty two-room apartment in the center of La Rochelle is more of a way to earn money: “ Put it on Airbnb! In three minutes, I do the math: renting your apartment for 40 € a night, that would ... 2,240 € in eight weeks! 

My landlord, who is also my aunt and owns the whole building, agrees. To do well, I take care of the ad: in addition to a detailed presentation, I make a request to the site for a professional photographer to come and shoot the apartment.

I quickly have requests but to be quiet, I first organize meetings on Skype, just to get to know the tenants better. A few days before my departure, everything is planned: ten days of rental for a couple, a weekend for Italians and two weeks for a student doing an internship at the city's aquarium.

I gather my things in the dressing room, I leave the wifi code and the oven instructions in view… For the keys, I have a deal with my neighbor: she welcomes my “guests” and calls me in case of any concerns. And then my aunt is not far either.

My earnings:  I didn't rent my apartment non-stop for eight weeks… But I still made € 1,100. Not so bad ! I will start again.

  • Rent your cellar

When I move into my apartment, I discover a huge cellar, which I hardly use. Today we swap everything: his couch, his drill and even his toilet, so I'm sure I can do something about that space.

I get information on the internet: via the Ouistock site, you can rent your garage or cellar to individuals. While chatting with an advisor, I learn that registration is free and that I just have to declare the rental for taxes.

I start: I describe my cellar, set a price according to the other offers and I wait for the proposals… Nothing for weeks. I end up zapping, until I get a request. Eric, a student from my neighborhood, is going to Beijing for a six-month internship and is looking for a storage room.

My earnings: I receive his transfer each month, or 450 € for six months of rental. I hope to find a replacement when he returns.

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