Essential Face Makeup Tips/Steps

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Over the years, makeup has remained a way to enhance beauty, and it has become the predominant act of portraying beauty, with the use of appropriate makeup materials. Looking back to the years of makeup, which started in ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, makeup played a crucial role. It was used by the rice people to portray their wealth, and it also served as a means of protection from their ancient gods.

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In the present society, makeup is mostly used to enhance beauty. People seem to explore more in the makeup world, which serves as a means of livelihood, thereby people learn to earn. Knowing the correct product to use and knowing the application of the product to the skin to give and enhance that desired look is crucial. Some will ask. What are the orders of makeup?

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Makeup has several ways or orders towards achieving a great look. But it is good to know which is best for you. Makeup could either be done first in two ways. Doing the skin work first or eyebrows sculpturing.

Most professionals in the makeup industry firstly prefer doing the skin work, which leaves the skin and prepares the skin for a flawless rise. While the beginners start with the eyebrows sculpturing down to the skin work.

Steps to applying makeup.

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The first step towards makeup is

1. Moisturizer: A moisturizer is a liquid-based solution that could be in form of oil, cream sacrum, or face mists. It helps to keep the skin hydrated. Apply a face moisturizer first on your face to hydrate your face.

2. Primer: primers are the liquid-based and gel-like solution that keeps the face smoother, and helps to control oil in the face. It also helps to enhance a long-lasting look. Apply the face primer onto your face with the use of a fingertip brush and allow it to dry.

3. Liquid foundation: using the appropriate color of foundation for your skin shade is very crucial starting from the center of your face. Blend the liquid foundation either using a brush or a beauty blender and make sure you blend the foundation well into your skin.

4. Concealer: picking the color of your concealer which is quite similar or the same as your skin shade. You could either use a liquid concealer or a compact concealer. Apply the concealer under the eyes circle, over the center of the forehead, down the center of the nose, and at the top of the chin, and blend well with a beauty blender.

5. Foundation powder: using a fluffy powder brush, coat your face up with the powder

6. Highlighter: highlight the sensitive areas using a highlighter. Highlight the down bridge of the nose, across the top of the cheekbones, corners of the eyelids, brow bone, above the upper ups, center of the forehead, and center of the chin.

7. Contour: apply a contour, by wining the side bridge of the nose, below the cheekbones.

8. Setting powder: set the face using a setting powder, by applying it to the sensitive areas mentioned above, and allowing the face to set. This process is also called the baking process.

9. Brows sculpturing: using an eye pencil, gently draw your eyes brows to your desired shape and size, and line the brows using a concealer brush and a concealer. Make sure you use the concealer suitable for your skin tone.

10. Eye shadow: apply an eye shadow at the base of the eyes, using an eye shadow brush.

11. Eyeliners/Mascara: Line the outer side of the eyes close to the eyelashes using eyeliners, and brush the eyelashes using a mascara.

12. Eyelashes: using a lasher holder, fix up artificial eyelashes using a lashes glue, thereby applying the glue at the base of the eyelashes and fixing it up. Eyelashes help to create a flawless look.

N/B- At this stage, dust off the excess of the setting powder and blend the sensitive areas.

Lip stick-Apply a lipstick of your choice or a lip gloss, and make sure you don’t go beyond the lip lines.

Blush: Apply blush to the lower region of the cheekbones, using a dark brown blush.

Bronzer: apply a bronzer to the sensitive areas, the down bridge of the nose, across the cheekbones, and the center of the forehead. The bronzer helps to glitter the sensitive areas, thereby leaving the face in a flawless state.

Finishing spray: spray the entire face using a finishing spray. It helps to hold up the makeup on the face for a longer period.

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Final Look:

Putting up a smile will be an added advantage to the final look, and it is easy to create your desired looks using the steps.

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