I Am Homeless : True Story

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Hi! I’m JekJek. I am 20 years old and I live in Negros Occidental. I don’t have parents anymore and I live alone in a small town here in Negros. By the way, this is my first post/article here in this website.

Today I want to share my story on how Bitcoin Cash changed my life and what are the things that I did.

Before I knew Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrency, I was just a normal person who spend my entire life looking for jobs and how to earn enough money to feed myself.

At the age of 17, My parents past away and my brother left after the burial of my parents. He left me without anything. I don’t have money that time and I don’t know what to do. I can’t get a job because I don’t meet the requirements to qualify because I’m just a high school graduate.

I tried almost every hard jobs that I can try just to survive in this world. After I turned 18, I decided to get some decent job but still, I can’t get any. It all matters on My educational attainment.

That time I was so desperate to get a job because I don’t have a food to eat or else I’m going to die. Then I searched on the internet on how to earn some money online and I found bitcoin. That time bitcoin is not that high as of now so I don’t mind it. I was so unlucky that I can’t get any jobs.

Sometimes I can’t eat in a single day and sometimes I just eat once a day just to stay alive. While I’m on that situation, I lost my one and only house. I just found out that the house that we are living is not our own house so I was forced to leave that house.

My friend let me sleep to their house for about a week and I need to get a place to stay after that. For 3 years I was living in a small and creepy abandoned house in one of the subdivision here in our town.

I can’t sleep at night at first because I was afraid of something but after a few weeks I can sleep better. Sometimes I just imagine that I’m the most unlucky person living in this world.

What I do everyday is, I wake up at night because I’m sleeping during the day and I was working in one of the computer shop here in our town because they are operating 24/7. They are paying me 100 Pesos everyday and I have a free 1 meal after work.

One day, My friend introduce to me noise.cash, where I can post anything and get some tips from other users and earn money. So I tried it and for the first week I earn almost $20 and it was a huge help for me. After a month, I earned almost $70.

I decided to save that money because I’m planning to build my own house and leave that creepy place that I currently living. As of the moment, I Have $90 in my wallet and I saw some of them that they are posting about this website and they are earning more here. But I’m not planning to leave noise.cash.

After earning some money in noise.cash, I can now spend my 100 Pesos Salary in the things that I need everyday like food, etc.

I can now save more than usual and noise.cash give me the chance to recover in life. I know that I can’t rely on these website to live in this world but for now they are giving me the chance so I will not let it pass.

For now, My goal is to earn enough money to build my own house and live like a normal person. I want to resume my studies as well so that I can get a decent job and feed myself three times a day.

I’m a newbie in cryptocurrency world and I want to learn more about it because some of my friend in noise.cash are telling me about trading and other stuff involving cryptocurrency.

But I will just learn it one by one and absorb it all.

After 3 years I can now recover from being homeless and can eat normally like normal humans do. A huge thank to cryptocurrency and bitcoin cash for this opportunity.

And I saw some of the post here about Club1BCH and I’m interested about it and planning to save 1BCH as well this year. Those articles are great and really gives motivations and inspirations to a person like me.

I want to post here regularly and tell my everyday story but if you have any suggestions on how to succeed here, the comments section are open and I will read it all if you will give any suggestions.

And if you have any suggestions about ways to earn more, it will big help for me.

Sorry if my first article is not that good as other articles but I will try my best to make it better. I am not good in english but I will do my best to make it understandable to all of you.

As of this line, I was thinking about the title of this article and I’m writing it on my notepad and this is my second day of writing it and I don’t know what to put in the title.

And I think, that’s it for now and I will post a part two of this article on the next few days and I hope you spend your time reading it.

I also created a new official account in noise.cash and if you have time you can visit my account. You can check my account by searching JekJekOFC.

I have other accounts in noise.cash but it’s not my real name and I’m posting other stuff about food and travels so I decided to name it that suits the content that I am posting.

Alright, thank you so much and see you on my next article.

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Keep up the spirit, friends, don't give up, early on, we can not only get income from every writing, but here we can also get a lot of knowledge and very good friends.😇😇😇

Keep up the spirit and don't give up.

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Thank you for motivation, I will do my best here.

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