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Forbidden and Mysterious places: Humans are not allowed to visit

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There are some places in the whole world where the visit of common people and tourists is forbidden. They have their own stories and tales. An order is issued by the government by marking such places that everyone has to obey. Where this place is and why people are forbidden to come here, we will try to know the answer to all these questions, what is the specialty of these places. We are sharing information about some forbidden and mysterious places where humans are not allowed to visit.

Poveglia Island, Italy: It is a small island divided by small canals situated in northern Italy. If the pages of history are overturned, then this place tells the terrible and poignant story of diseased, murderous, and crazy people. Poveglia Island tells a ferocious and barbaric history. In the mid-1300s the bubonic plague had infected all of Asia and Europe. When this plague began to spread very fast, Rome began to separate healthy and unhealthy people. And those who were suffering from the plague were sent to the  Poveglie island, where people spent their last time in great distress. They died such a death that a human could never imagine even in his dreams.

 Interesting History

Millions of deaths had taken place on this island, the situation had become such that when an epidemic came, infected people were quarantined here. Here the corpses were piled up and later all the corpses were burnt together. A mental hospital was opened here in the 20th century. People who were infected with some disease or showed any mental or physical symptoms were put in isolation here.

After nearly 100 thousand deaths, this island had become a haunted place or we can say mysterious place, due to the burnt dead bodies, the soils here look like ash. Many misleading stories and tales are heard from people, some claims of strange sounds, someone sees a shadow. Poveglia Island ranks at the bottom of the list of tourist destinations in Italy. Italy Tourism Board does not allow to go here, but if anyone wants to go, then he has to go through a long application process. It is one of the mysterious place where humans are not allowed to visit.

Snake Island, Brazil: Snake island is also known as llha da Queimada Grande, is spread in 106 acres off the coast of Brazil in the Atlantic ocean. Of the 106 acres, only 62 acres is covered by rain forest and the remaining area is barren rocks. It is the home of golden lancehead pit viper whose diets are mainly birds. By estimate, it has been found that one snake per square meter of the island. Once it was home to around 430,000 snakes but due to limited resources, the count has been declined to 2,000 to 4,000. No humans are allowed on this island. This mysterious island is so much dangerous that Brazilian authorities have banned it to visitors. The golden lancehead is the deadliest serpents in the world.

Last human population lived

No human population is available on this island, but according to the legend some humans were supposed to live there until 1920. There was a lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper along with his family used to stay there. They were killed by the vipers that accidentally slipped through windows. Currently, this island is under the surveillance of the Navy who periodically monitored the lighthouse and checks the presence of any adventures close to the island. Another local legend claims that pirates who buried treasures on this island introduced the snakes to protect the treasure. But the historians and researchers claim the presence of vipers is due to the rising sea level over 10,000 years ago it separated from the mainland turned into an island. One of mysterious place humans are not allowed to visit.

 North Sentinel Island, India: It is a part of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal. It is home to the most indigenous people who are in voluntary isolation; they have rejected any contact with the outside world. Sentinelese is one of the last tribes to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization. According to the Andaman and Nicobar Island Protection of Aboriginal Tribes Act of 1956 travelers and tourists are prohibited from this island (approach closer to 9.26 km) to protect the resident tribal from any contracting diseases because they have no immunity. This area is being watched by the Indian navy. In 2018 home ministry relaxed the prohibitions only for researchers and anthropologists with pre-approved clearance to allow them to visit the island.

Why it’s tough to make friendship with Sentinelese

Onge and the Jarawa were other two indigenous tribes who were aware of North Sentinel islands and they have cultural similarities with the Sentinelese tribe but they can’t understand their languages. Sentinelese tribes did not like visitors, once an Indian merchant ship was aground and passengers and the crew members swim and reached the beach. After their stay of three days, Sentinelese felt uncomfortable with their stay and they attack the passengers and the crew members with iron-tipped arrows and bows.

Past attempts to make contact

It’s tough to make friendship with Sentinel tribes, anthropologist Trinok Nath Pandit and his team made some attempts to contact with them by offering gifts, fruits especially the coconut. They like coconuts as it was not grown there. All attempts were failed, as the anthropologists team cannot make any contact with the sentinel tribes. In 2006 an Indian crab harvesting boat drifted to the beach, they were killed by the Sentinelese and buried. John Allen Chau an American tourist who intentionally landed on their islands was chased and killed by the tribes.

 Bhangarh Fort, India: It is in the Alwar district at Rajasthan built in 1573 AD by Bhagwant Das for his younger son Madho Singh. Madho Singh’s brother Man Singh was Akbar’s general.

Legends behind the mystery

According to the legend, it is a cursed place. Ratnavati, the daughter of Madho Singh’s son Chatar Singh, was very beautiful. Her beauty was discussed in the entire area. A Tantrik who was specialized in black magic, fell in love with Ratnavati. But he knew that the princess would never like him, so he decided to cast a spell on her. One day the Tantrik saw Ratnavati’s maid buying perfume in the market and he cast a spell on it. The princess came to know about this and threw away the perfume bottle. The vial was turned into a boulder and the tantric collided with it and came down to it, before dying, the tantric cursed the princess, her family and the entire village. The next year there was a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, in which Ratnavati and most of the army died. People say that it is the curse of that tantric, because of which this fort and the people living in it were destroyed and ghosts settled here. If a villager tries to build a house or terrace, it collapses mysteriously.

There is another story about it; the hill where King Bhagwant Singh built the fort, there lives a monk, Guru Balunath. His only condition for building the fort was that it would never overshadow his residence. Everyone accepted this condition except Ajab Singh. Later, Ajab Singh added columns to the fort whose shadows started falling on the sadhu’s house. The fort and surrounding villages were ruined due to the curse of the angry monk.

Historians view

Historians say that this fort became empty after the death of Chatar Singh, since Ajab Singh had already established a separate fort. Due to which the population of the place started to decline and due to the famine that came in 1783, the villagers started migrating.

The entrance to Bhangarh is prohibited between sunset and sunrise. It is the most haunted fort in India. However, the local guards denied ever seeing any kind of paranormal activity.

Tomb of Quin Shi Huang, China: Quin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China, the tomb holds secrets of the emperor who died on 210 B.C after creating unified China by winning six warring states. This site came to the world’s notice when in the year 1974 a group of farmers were drilling a well found a underground chamber. Later this was handed over to archeologists who found an army of some 8000 life-size terra-cotta soldiers with bronze arrowheads and horses and wooden chariots. All the clay army was facing east seems to pose for battle. This tomb compound was declared a UNESCO world heritage in the year 1987. The construction of the tomb started when the emperor Quin Shi Huang ascended the throne in 246 B.C at the age of 13. After  conquering of the six states, tombs full phased construction started.

Why the tomb is not a tourist spot

Many people ask the question of why this tomb is not open to common people and tourists. According to the archeologists and the Chinese authorities, when the tomb was first discovered, the structures were colored but after few minutes of contact with the outside atmosphere the colors began to fade, and soon they completely lost their colors. It is believed that humans don’t have enough technology to protect this site. So the excavation of the tomb was put on hold by the archeologists hoping future humans will develop good technology to protect the secrets of this tomb. That’s why this is not open to the outside world. Considered one of the mysterious place where humans can not visit.

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Written by   135
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Topics: Places
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