Cyber Security, Today's Need 

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Cyber Security - Today's Need 

Nowadays in every aspect of life, the presence of interest has flourished. As interest has become an integral part of life, we perform our day to day work out by using the internet in many ways. Such as borrowing and lending money, marketing, shopping, education,, and many more. Devices like personal computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets require internet connectivity. Via these devices, we can utilize internet services. Globally 95% of people use social media as a source of connectivity and establish a free online presence. As this social media allows you to post your thoughts in the form of images, videos, etc, so it's quite necessary to protect users' data. The Internet also holds the presence of hackers which in turn results in fraud, hacking, virus attack, data theft, and these negative effects give rise to a need to protect user data. To protect users' online presence, the Internet has offered cybersecurity technology. cybersecurity helps to safeguard user's data and maintains security. As we all are new to the cybersecurity concept. Here in this article, we will clear the concept of cybersecurity.

Significance of Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the security offered to internet users that protects the user's crucial information. Cyber Security is composed of two words Cyber and Security Here the concepts related to the term internet, information, technology, computer, networks, applicant, data are known as cyber. Whereas security, the term is concerned with the protection of system security, network security, application security, information security. To strengthen cybersecurity, we need to focus more on the data of hardware and software.

Nowadays the presence of cybercrime is increasing and to stop this crime the world is running behind cybersecurity. The hackers, with the help of electronic tools, can easily assess the private and crucial information of the user. And thereby users attend data loss. And this crime is named cybercrime and the criminal is named as an unethical hacker. It may give rise to blackmailing, stocking, copywriter, credit card theft. And the main motive of cybersecurity to prevent users from online hacking.

Know the Cyberattacks 

Nowadays the company, as well as the internet users, are storing a lot of crucial information on the internet as well as to access internet shopping users submit credit card details on the shopping sites which in turn results in hacking. And there is no guarantee that data cannot be hacked. And hence to stop cybercrime the cybersecurity law has evolved, which focuses to control the height of internet frauds, therefore, it is quite necessary to know about cyberattacks. 

  • Viruses 

We often know the term virus, the hackers with the help of malware can easily attack the user's computer and grab all the crucial information without any permission.

  • Adware 

Adware is a part of a malware program that creates pop-up messages and with the attractive ads they create software and when users download the software, the hacker with the help of software operates the user's computer and grabs the data.

  • Trojan horse

It is also a part of a malware program. The trojan also represents software similar to adware. Trojan controls the user's system and grabs necessary data, and also steals the password.

  • Ransomware

Ransomware is a type of virus that attacks users' computers to damage important files and steal the user's data.

  • Phishing emails

Phishing emails are used to hack the private information of the user by sending fraudulent emails to the user and get access with login and password, credit card details of users. 

All these frauds are controlled with the help of cybersecurity. Cyber Security enables the system to be more secured 

The main motive of cybersecurity is to maintain confidential records that can be accessed only by an authorized user. 

Today's need for cybersecurity

Today the world needs Cybersecurity, as the external threat has increased at its great height, that's why we need to switch towards Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity lessens the threat of losing the data, cybersecurity plays an important role in sectors like Government, military, medical organization, corporate, financial,, etc as these sectors maintain the record on PC, so cybersecurity controls the destructive attack. 

Final words

As we all need a lock to a door, similarly we need a digital lock to protect our online presence to protect it from Cyber Attacks. As digitally we are diversifying in every aspect, there can be a negative light that can spot our work. So, Lock your online presence by adding an exact Cyber Security key.

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