Why'd I love you?

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2 years ago
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Even when my heart is dead

You brought it back to life again

Your smile I'd love to see instead

Has turned to a face that's in a mess

"Together Forever" you promised

What I see are tormenting worries

Won't you come and tell me you're sorry?

Cause I don't think I can stand this coffin.

That truck wasn't even fast enough

I could have just ran, pushed and saved you

But I wasn't fast, I just froze off

Now I see myself as a fool

I wish I had never met you

My heart beats slow and it hurts too

That way you wouldn't hurt me

But now you're rottening

I'm going to jot things

To keep my mind off this

I can't love anyone again

I'm not ready to open way

I love you

And I hope that someday we'll incarnate

And be together again.

Written by John Okpani

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