The FUPRE Students UNIONISM, Presidential Aspirants without Substance

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The FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM RESOURCES is my institution, this is an article written by a wise one for a wise one to heed

Over my few years in within the walls of this Citadel of Learning, the first of its kind in Africa, and Sixth in the world -indeed-, it has come to my notice the disturbing and painful trend of the downward slide in the Political Unionism trend of this institution. A lot of us may not understand my point of reasoning,but all efforts will be put to explain.

In FUPRE, Gone are the days when we had true intellectually grounded and Ideologically rooted Unionists/Student Politicians, gone are the days of Obaro Egagifo, our Pioneer President, Emakunu Christopher, Rt. Hon. Alex Adams, Sindi Matthias and the host of many others ( Ohanwe Iyke being the most recent). Today we have a crop of opportunists, people who only crave power, profile and lust for the purse of our dear Union, of course, the collective tax payers money (S.U.G Dues), only in the immediate past government, allegations and counter- allegations of theft, misappropriation, and embezzlement of Union properties and funds, and successive efforts at impeachment (Mostly borne out of personal greed by our own legislators) of a sitting Union President, amongst other disgraceful shows, made up the torrents that rocked the boat of our Sailing Union.

So-called and self acclaimed Political Godfathers giving themselves nicknames, and believing that they have attained the powers to do, to pick who and who becomes what in various levels of Governance in our Union, Picking and trying to impose candidates on others in an effort for a possible vendetta on disloyal elements within the Union. Different Cabals and Caucuses (Kakus) sitting in different corners and claiming influence and control over different territories( mostly departments) all engaged in different superiority struggles, to the detriment of our dear Union. No wonder at a certain college Election, so called Godfathers and Cabals rallied together in Almost total unison against an Aspirant who seemed to be against all their agenda, even though the Aspirant had the profile and was fit for the job, they set bottlenecks on the way in all efforts to impose a candidate who couldn't even deliver a simple Manifesto on Manifesto day, the end of the Story was though in the Favour of the will of the People.

This current dispensation so far has shown quite an ambition to deliver and resuscitate the seemingly dying Union, with a President, who to me, may not be the best, having heard the various in fightings within the various arms of the S.U.G, ask me how I know? Let's say I have people in high places. The President and his executive already having multiple clashes with the Leadership of both the Legislative and Judiciary (note that the current Chief Justice was the only opponent of the Current President during the race for the number one(1) seat), at one instance, submitting conflicting budgets to the Dean of Students at a Joint Session posing an embarrassment to the Union.

Though it is safe to say that the current administration has so far proven that it has a will to work with the likes of the Secretary-General, Abirhire Blessing (Aluta Pastor), Welfare Director, Kisoranking(Aluta Jagaban), The Public Relations Officer, Sohwo Governor(Heard people call him Governor of FUPRE), all taking the lead in the drive, proving that the S.U.G President in the number one(1) seat may be pulling some good strings to achieve success. (These three names I have mentioned will be subjects of subsequent articles).

This next S.U.G Elections may pose another test to the Unionism of FUPRE, on a personal opinion, the two Presidential Aspirants so far being rumoured, if true, lack the Merits of Attaining such an esteemed seat(safe to say, it is God who gives power though), giving their antecedents and their posture, its hard to tell what these two guys have to offer. As both seem to be far away from the essence of Unionism, One having Served as An Hostel Governor, and was well awarded the best hostel Governor, and the other a Course Rep in the Biggest Department in FUPRE, both currently serving as Welfare director and Vice President of NASS Respectively. Having seen and heard both guys speak, and observed their actions around school, non of both guys seem to have anything to offer, both aspirants do not even know the essence of Unionism, they may both fail at a proper S.U.G Presidential Debate and Manifesto. Ovotu Jerry and Soeze Geobamz have been more of name sellers seeking cheap publicity rather than wanting to lead, although the Former seemingly possesses a character of stark rebellion to Godfatherism, an aura that has been a driving force for him, while the latter, is an acute Elite Class Politician who rides on the will of the Elite class style.

Though it is widely rumoured that the waves are all in a bid to produce a President from the College of Science Extraction this time around, it is safe to say that these two Science rooted Candidates wouldn't have stood a chance against their level mates across the bridge in the college of technology, the likes of the Very Political Sohwo Governor, Samson Kisoranking, Sandy Prince, Felix Bassey, Ayeh Fejiro, amongst others, who seem to have learnt the Essence of Unionism diligently(an issue of discuss for another day).

One would wonder if another more credible candidate was to pop-up today, both leading aspirants wouldn't be blown away like a thistle. Of course we would be hearing the names of the So-called cabals and Caucuses when we resume and in the run-off to the Elections, but I must say, that we must build a better Union and place its interest ahead of ourselves as good Members that we are.

ยฉThe Constructive Analyst

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