Success is Obedience

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The children of Israel trekked in the wilderness for 40 years and God was with them but they didn't trust God enough despite His awesome and tangible provisions.

There was this time they got so thirsty and needed water in the wilderness. It wasn't the first time though but this stubborn people complained and murmured as if God had not been doing wonders before.

So God told Moses to speak to a rock and it will produce water but because Moses got frustrated, angry and lost composure because of the excessive murmur and complaints of the children of Israel; he disobeyed God.

Instead of speaking to the rock as God had commanded, he struck the rock not once but twice.

Water still came out of the rock but he had disobeyed God and there was a repercussion. God confronted Moses' action with him in private and He was greatly displeased.

Moses stopped himself from entering into the Promised Land. He saw it but never entered.


God is not so much as concerned with the result than He is with how you produce the result.

God is more focused on the process than the product. God concentrates much more on "Why" instead of "What". He looks at your heart first before looking at what you did (the results).

He considers the process first to see if your "How" is aligned with His instruction from the Word.

God looks inward before looking outward.


Moses did what he did out of anger and not out of obedience. It cost him!


How are you living your life? You do believe that He exists but how are you living your life?

At this point, your achievements or results do not matter. They don't please the Lord as much as obedience through faith pleases Him.

Your works do not pysch God or make Him go gaga!

First things first is obedience! So examine your life and see if you're doing the good you claim to do out of obedience.

Ensure it isn't out of pride, fame or any other thing outside sincere obedience.

It will cost you at the end so examine your life. God focuses on your heart to see if it is obedient. It is not about your achievements or results.

Success is obedience!

So obey God and don't be deceived by the flesh. Just because water came out from the rock didn't mean that God was pleased.

You may receive praise and commendations but God has the final say. You may to an extent, still see the hand of God's grace and blessings in your life but it doesn't mean that God is pleased with you.

Examine yourself.

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