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'No aren't we friends?'Julia said and they both smiled and continued chating about the adventure, just then Michael came, Amira wanted to walk away but Michael held her hand.

'do not tell me you are still angry because of that incident.' he said and Amira dragged her hand from him.

'I'm not angry with you, I... just need some break.' Amira lied. 'Break? why? ' Michael said, 'Michael dont mind Amira. maybe her master asked her not to talk to you so it is not her fault.' Julia intervened and received a slap from Amira on her shoulder.

'what? I'm I wrong?'Julia shouted in pain rubbing where Amira had slapped her.

'I dont understand.' Michael said and Amira looked around to make sure Dennis was not present in the hall then.

'The truth is I'm Dennis's slave and he instructed me to stay away from you because he thought you are causing some distraction in me. so it is not my fault.' Amira explained.

'slave?'Michael asked in surprise, then a message entered Amira's phone and it was from Dennis. Amira did not bother to read the message, she just looked around and saw Dennis at one corner behind them.

'I'm so sorry, Michael for not telling you even if you kept trying to know but I dont want to see you do something stupid after hearing this truth.' Amira said and rushed to Dennis while Julia discussed with Michael about something else just to make him forget about the issue.

'what were you doing? didn't I tell you to stay away from him? 'Dennis asked Amira.

'sure you did but I had to let him know so that he would stop flocking around me.' she replied

'does that mean you should stand very close to him as if you wanted to enter his body.' Dennis said.

'I never stood close to himbAnd how is that you business if I enter his body? or? 'Amira said smiling at Dennis as if she was suspecting him.

'what? who told you I'm jealous, I'm not jealous, okay? 'Dennis said so fast and Amira laughed.

'I never said you are jealous! oh my goodness, so you are even jealous, if not how did you know that was what I wanted to say?' Amira said laughing hilariously. Dennis felt embarrassed and pushed her away gently immediately the captains entered and the students gathered together looking so happy, Also some soldiers came in with two sack bags.

'Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! 'captain Abdul greeted and the student replied happily

'we can see you are all prepared, without wasting time, we will put into groups so that the adventure will begin and end on time. Captain James will tell you all you need to know and do in this adventure, so listen attentively.' Captain Abdul said and moved aside for captain James to come address the students. 'Good morning once again' he greeted and the student replied.

'without wasting time, I will be telling you what the adventure is all about. It is about finding a treasure in the forest, Dont get scared it is not a thick forest but one in which you can find your way in and out because you will be given a map to find the treasure. The treasure is hung on a tree and it is wrapped with a blue wrapper And to easily find it, the tree is written treasure on it so any tree you see written treasure on it has the treasure. Take note, this is a team mission and any team that find the treasure will receive the award. Remember any team any team I repeat any team.' captain James said and the students nodded happily as if they knew the real meaning of what he was repeating. They were so busy whispering the team that will find the treasure.

'Here in this sacks, we have a bag each for all of you, it contains all you need for the adventure, it contains the snacks,water and a contactor in which the group leader will have, the moment any team finds the contactor, he or she should press the button and it will inform you that the treasure had been found. Then we use the same contactor to inform the other teams to come back. now each one of you will take the bags after that, we give you the maps and the leader the contactor but before then we will share you into teams. You will be having 5 teams with 7 students in each listen attentively so as to know the team you belong.' captain James said.


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