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Episode 37.

Dennis looked at Amira straight in the eyes, 'okay, if you want me to accept your apology then do something for me,' he said. 'what is it? 'Amira asked him.

'stay in my room tonight. 'Dennis said, Amira was so surprised to hear that from Dennis. she googled his eyes looking at him in disbelief. 'you aren't serious, I can't even dare to stay in your room.' she said.

'you have a dirty mind, I just want you to stay with me so that I can have a peaceful sleep and I'm no longer asking, I'm commanding you.' Dennis said and turned his face away. Amira had no option but to stay and so she slept in his room but on the floor. In the middle of the night when everyone were already asleep, Amira woke up and tried to sneak out but unfortunately, Dennis held her hand as if he had been watching her and knew she would sneak out.

'where are you going to? its not yet morning.' he said still hold Amira's hand this time he did not leave her until she too fell asleep.

Amira was the first person to hear the bell when it was rang, she jumped from Dennis's bed and ran to her room even though Dennis tried to stop her but this time he was kidding.

'where were u, Amira came to your room last night to have some fun but you were not there.where did you sleep.' Julia asked Amira blocking her as she came out of her dressed and ready to go to the hall.

'you startled me, Julia. well I slept in Dennis's room. He commended me to.' Amira explained. Julia kept gazing at Amira as if she was suspecting her of doing something bad. She looked at Amira and then looked at Dennis's door.

'you mean you slept there?' she asked and Amira nodded not observing the look on her face. Amira thought it was normal to tell Julia anything that happen between she and Dennis since it is not bad. Amira excused herself and rushed to the hall leaving Julia with her thoughts immediately, Dennis came out from his room and went to the hall, Julia kept looking at him.

After the morning jogging, the student lined up in the hall listening to the captain. 'hope you all are getting ready for the treasure adventure?

'hope you are all getting prepared for the treasure adventure coming up in three days time. Remember you have only one week to spend here and that will be your last game here and as a team you must work, you all know that this one is a very hard and it requires co-operation, trust, love and teaming. You have to do your best now. Lets wait till then, Go have fun students.' captain Abdul said and released the students to go have breakfast. they all got their food and took it to the chair of their choice. Amira got her food and was heading to the desk where Julia is, she mistakenly stepped on a water poured on the floor and slipped. Her tray of food flew up as she screamed in fear. Dennis jumped from his desk like a superman ready too hold Amira but it was too late Michael helped Amira already. He stopped and watched them, then the tray of food almost fell on Amira but Dennis blocked it with his hand.

'are you alright?' Michael and Dennis asked at the same time and looked at eachother. Amira looked at the both of them confused. 'thanks guys, I'm okay.' she said ready to go but Dennis held her looking at Michael.

'come with me, Amira.' he said but Michael quickly held Amira other hand too. 'let her be, she said she is fine.' he said. 'don't think you have done anything good. You couldn't even protect the tray that would have hurt her more. Get lost.' Dennis said dragging Amira.The two boys began to dragged Amira until Amira got tired and shouted at them to leave her alone.

'what is the meaning of this? when did I turn into a celebrity that you guys are dragging over me.' she yelled.

'Amira come with, and you don't bother her again.' Michael said dragging Amira. Then julia got angry at their aguement and stood up, she went to Amira and dragged her away from the cafeteria to a quiet corner.

'what are you doing Amira? why did you let those boys argue over you in front of every one. Are you okay at all? are you that special that you disgrace yourself in front of every one?' Julia yelled angrily mixed with jealousy causing Amira to be surprised...


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