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Episode 34.

Captain Abdul yelled in anger, took out his horse- whip and scattered Dennis's body with it. Dennis held in the pain trying to be strong. He did not look at Amira at all but did as if her was responsible for the punishment.

'Lie down!'shouted captain Abdul as he continued whipping Dennis severally in anger but Dennis held the pain in. Amira looked at him in pity, her eyes were filled with tears as if she was the one. Julia too felt pity on him, the other students could not believe their eyes seeing Dennis beaten by the soldier. They knew he was not so careless to the extent of breaking a glass, they felt pity on him. Some felt like crying, it was really touching. Michael also watched him with no sign of sympathy.

Captain Abdul whipped Dennis until he was satisfied and went away with the others. Dennis collapsed on d so weak. The student could not go to help him because they were afraid he would yell at them because he was a proud type and loves doing things personal. Amira who could imagine wat he was going through just from Mr. Jack's strokes knew Dennis was in deep pain and that was because of her. She ran to him already crying silently. She could not touch him bcos all his body was in pain.

'Dennis'she called with so much pity. Then Dennis tried to stand but it was so hard, then Amira helped him up not minding if anyone would help. She helped him until they got to his room and layed him facing down. 'Why did you do this? 'she cried. Dennis smiled looking at her. 'I did it for no one. I only did it because I broke the glass,' he said.

'shut up! You knew I broke the glass and you had to take on yourself. What were you thinking? 'Amira said.

'I didn't do it to protect you, I did it as a payment for what I did to you at school. Mr.Jack's strokes.' Dennis said faintly still smiling. Amira could no longer say anything but watched him until he slept off.

'You did dis for me, Dennis. That is great of you, you really changed. Thank you so much for saving me.'Amira said to his sleeping body as she removed his shirt then she left.

The next morning, as the bell rang, Dennis was the first thing that came to Amira's mind. She jumped from her bed and quickly got dressed and rushed out of her room. She got to front of Dennis's room and stood at the door guessing if Dennis was awake and fine or not. She kept think and talking to herself like a mad woman that she did not realize when Dennis opened the door and stood in confusion looking at her.

'what are u saying?' Dennis asked her living her in shock. 'when did you come out? 'she asked. Dennis shook his head and left as if nothing happened to him last night. 'stupid boy, I'm even worried about him but here he is claiming to be fine. Jerk.'Amira said and went to the hall. In the hall, the captain instructed the students to go out for sanitation while Dennis should wait behind for a short discussion.

'Why did u break the glass? ' the captain asked him. 'because I wanted to.' Dennis replied rudely causing captain Abdul to laugh. 'You are indeed rude as we investigated. I heard ur father is the director of your school and he owns three filling stations and...'captain Abdul was saying when Dennis interrupted him. 'keep my father out of this. My father is the director of my school has nothing to do with me paying for my offence. He is the owner of filling stations has nothing to do with the matter at hand now. I hate it when people respect me because of my father, Can't you all just consider me as a normal human and not some rich guy, because my father is rich does not mean you should start treating me differently because I can see it over you. Please, sir do not overlook me for anything I do here, I want to be treated like a normal student covered with discipline and not some irritating respect, but u know what? dis is the only place I can find joy and know the true meaning of life because I believe here is were I will be treated equally as other student. Do not regard me different cause this is where I know what life is without my parents backing me up.' Dennis said to captain Abdul in a cool way that touched captain Abdul. The little guy had wanted to live a normal live as other students and get disciplined as them but could not because his parents are always guiding him, it hurts him alot when he see others in pain especially as their class president but won't be in pain. It hurts him when people play around with their friends and he has none because his father wanted him to move around with rich children like him which he considered boring and prefered to stay alone as a proud boy. It was none of his fault.

Captain Abdul was motivated by Dennis words and nodded his head. He placed his hand on Dennis's shoulder and smiled. 'You are really brave, keep it up, boy.'captain Abdul said and asked him to go join the sanitation. Dennis smiled happily because he had finally gotten someone who understood him apart from Amira who taught him the meaning of boldness...


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