Dear Self

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2 years ago

Dear self,

You are way more than what people might think when they look on the surface, you know your purpose, that is a question you've already answered and you are already trying to grow as a person.

Don't think everything is going to blow just because you market it harder, NO.

Get your hands in everything if possible, no knowledge or skill is a waste, people will get to you but don't let people tell you what you should or shouldn't do, they don't compare to your level of thinking so do they think they can compare to your energy, huh?

You may have small circle, but your number will keep growing, FAME will call you and you'll be like "How are you doing?" But you'll hung up on him, cause you will not be ready for him, you'll get back to him when you've made yourself better.

Always talk less, and keep working more because better you is what you are working towards.

I remember a couple of years, let me recap, you made some money off of drawing for some of your friends, you were doing you because you don't care where the scene's at, some people even tried to give you bad feedback but you didn't even need that. I remember when you use to walk on stage in a v-neck, when you use to wear little tie with a black vest but you still have a long way to go but don't look upset, I can paint the picture, get the vision of your future, it's awesome!

It doesn't matter what people say to you because you'll keep doing you till 82, you've been walking towards success since ABCs.

You may feel like you are living life in a fast lane, you may wake up thinking you might have a bad day but I urge you to go into your mind like an AK-47 and shoot every bad thought in your head when it rotates.

You used to judge everybody, that wasn't like you till you learnt it was wrong. You give it all that you got, and you are trying to think outside the box, I know it. Your sun will rise on the darkest days!

Yours sincerely,✍🏽


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2 years ago