An Edo boy - Imaginary Story

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Alright guys, let me open up our imagination because it's needed to read this, I need you to imagine I was an Edo boy a state in Nigeria. Now read;

My English teacher in jss2 was a woman. She wasn't aged but from her looks, it wouldn't be wrong to say that she was in her early thirties as at that time. She was an experienced teacher who devoted her time and sacrificed a lot to make us learn. I admired her a lot and her classes were my favourite; she always had a gift for the best essay writing student and I had claimed it a couple of times. For those times that I didn't win, she either complained that I narrate too much or I write a lot of unnecessary details. She was always asking me to be more specific if I was ever going to be good at what I was doing. Of course, I ignored her and now I regret it. I hardly write without beating about the bush and this article is a proff. All the things I've stated had nothing to do with the story intend to write.

One day she didn't come to school; we were told that she was seriously ill , we all felt bad for her but couldn't do nothing; we weren't God that could assure anyone sound health. As soon as we got the message, we prayed for her, I led the prayer; I made sure i did pray about everything I needed to pray about including bad dreams because I was about to sleep. I thought we wouldn't have our English class again but then a very short, ugly looking woman walked into our class. I thought she was one of those persons who came to class to solicit for help from students so I didn't really pay attention to her; I wasn't with any money that day. Just as I was about to rest my heard on the table, she greeted the class and told us that she would take us on English language.

I laughed in my mind. I wondered the topic she was going to teach. Probably she might tell us something about coping with being ugly but that will not be in line with her field of study if actually she was to teach us English, so I was confused. Before I knew it she went straight to the board and bodly spelt out her topic which was on essay writing. As soon as i saw the topic on the board, I knew she was the lazy type. Only lazy English teachers bring up topic on writing . I thought she was going to explain a bit to us but that wasn't in her agenda, she told us to tear a piece of paper, write out our names and then write an essay on the topic "The Teacher I Admire Most".

For minutes I couldn't write anything. I knew what to write oh!! But I had to find a teacher I haven't had an experience with, I knew if I were to choose randomly I would write what will surely put me in trouble. I kept on thinking not knowing that the ugly woman was looking at me. Before I knew what was happening a very hot slap landed on my cheek, I was about to explain when a second landed and then a third. I got so angry but couldn't react, my mum had raised me well and I will never insult or talk back at an elder regardless of what it may.

I almost cried but seeing Amina made me want to act strong. Amina was a new girl in my class who was kinda getting closer to me just like I wanted, her seeing me cry might not go well.

The woman dragged me to the front of the class, forced me onto a sit that was meant for only teachers and ordered that I write anything I can write to fill the paper before she gives me another slap!! I just laughed at this woman, she didn't really know who she was talking to at all. She didn't know that I could fill an eighty leaves note describing just a teacher. She didn't know that I could write until I was asked to stop even if it would take years for the stop to be mentioned. I just looked at her and laughed; she was so ignorant of my ability.

My paper was still in front of me and it was blank, I was still thinking of the teacher to describe.

Our mathematics teacher had short legs

Our English teacher whom I described earlier had a very big mouth

The Civic teacher always looked frustrated

I kept on thinking , there was no teacher on my school without a defect that they wouldn't want to hear. I was about to give on on not writing when a forth slap landed on my cheek. This one provoked me and I stopped thinking at once, I decided to write about her.

The normal we would have just started writing without an outline but anger made me plot out one and I wrote one of the best essays or writeup I've ever written to describe this woman who was a compendium of defect. If you were her, I am sure you would resolve to committing suicide after reading it. When I was done writing, I triple check for any grammatical error and there was none. I was so happy!! In fact , I was feeling the writeup.

I quickly called her attention to my sit to tell her that I was done. She came as fast as she could and if I had calculated , that should have been about 10 minutes after I called her. As she came to my sit , she was surprised to see my paper full.she wanted to say that I copied but looking around and seeing that I was far from anyone in the class, she gave up that thought. She didn't even read the first line, she just kept on looking at me wondering where and how I forge the rubbish I had written. Her face was scaring me, I had to look the other way to avoid getting so irritated. Just like I thought, she ordered me to stand up, go to the front of the class and read out any shit I must have written.

She wanted to disgrace me not knowing she was about to disgrace herself. I hesistated, I wanted her to read what I wrote alone, I knew what she would face and how she would feel if I were to read it aloud to the class. I tried to resist her and refuse reading it but she wouldn't let me. So I gave in!!

I walked majestically to the front of the class and I began to read. I was so good in reading as I was in writing anyhow. I read observing the stress and word pattern. This article is already long and including the essay I wrote might make it unreadable. But I'll assure you that she felt disgraced and shamed. I didn't just describe how ugly she was, I went further to write about how ugly the man who must have gotten married to her should be, I also described her children. I was not definite, so knowing about didn't really affect me, I just wrote like I usually write.

My article was just the closing prayer. It ended the class, she didn't even say a word.I guess she was so ashamed at herself and she deserved it for slapping me for four times all because I was trying to keep myself from doing what I just did that made her angry. It could have been other teachers in her shoes, so I knew what I was avoiding. After she left, my class mates hailed me, Amina left her sit, came to mine, sat beside me and pecked me. She told me that I did good.

If I tell you what I faced as a result of the essay you wouldn't believe. I was almost expelled and that singular act made all my teacher hate me!!

But I was happy I taught that bitch that she can't slap an Edo boy and go free!!

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