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X.LA Metaverse could be the next Decentraland

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1 month ago

X.LA Metaverse could be the next Decentraland

Thought the soon to launch X.LA Metaverse might be of interest to my fellow Cryptozens eager to grab their very own place in the Metaverse, for hosting your very own shindigs.

X.LA Metaverse has so many exciting opportunities on the way, from owning and displaying NFTs in your own or rented apartment, to building and decorating your own virtual place providing you with a personalised futuristic interactive experience built using the incredible Unreal Engine 5 visuals to create a virtual city of the future where you recieve an (RSC) Revenue share smart contract that ensures you recieve a fair distribution of revenues earned through items owned, items created and projects produced.

IMO X.LA Metaverse offers a great opportunity to hit the ground running on an upcoming Metaverse that could become as big as the likes of Decentraland, grabbing yourself some free founding NFTs along the way before the official launch is a must for those eager to get in on the ground of this exciting opportunity.

Tbh I couldn't do this one justice in a short post and might write a more detailed post at a later date, but if this is something of interest you can find out more at the following link and get yourself signed up to the whitelist to take advantage of those opportunities.



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