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3 months ago

Virtuosos is a gripping and graphic crime thriller about an Assassin known in underworld circles as a Virtuosos and his daily routine as he carries out his meticulous and dedicated work.

It plays out as a kind of assassins guide as the lead character, a mysterious professional hitman played by Anson Mount Narrates his way through his reasoning for what he, does, why he does it and of course how best to do it.

After a previous job that went horribly wrong, the assassin is haunted by visions of an innocent victim burning after an attempt to make a murder look like an accident goes horribly wrong, causing the targets car to collide with an RV, which explodes into flames.

The assassin is then requisitioned by his boss played by Anthony Hopkins to take on a new mysterious assignment, given only a cryptic clue, a time and a place, he has to evaluate those president at that time and location to determine which one is his actual prey.

I wouldn't say it's a great movie, but it does have a good storyline, the narrative is mediocore at best,, but does have some very interesting plot twists and turns and a bit of an unexpected outcome and conclusion. the dialogue however is really terrible.

I just felt the film lacked so much, especially that kind of drive you would expect a great cast line up to produce, a bit more spice could have made it a great movie.

Anthony Hopkins has a couple of small scenes in one his character confronts the lead character the mysterious assassin as he visits his fathers grave, who was his friend and recounts his memories of the Vietnam war and the atrocities that unfolded

The remainder of the film focuses on the assassin as he goes about his work, identifying his target while trying to avoid becoming someone else's target.


The original motion picture soundtrack consists of a collection five tracks, three by Clay George and two by Lady Mary including "The Old Town" "Going Up" "Elevator Song" "Country Love Song" and "Dear Loneliness".

You can read further detailed information about each track on IMDB dot com HERE


Danger, deception and murder descend upon a sleepy town when a professional assassin accepts a new assignment from his enigmatic boss. Given a cryptic clue, the place and the time, he must identify his mysterious mark among several possible targets.

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Not a great movie, it was watchable, I just felt it could have been directed along a much more appealing route for the viewer and although it has a strong cast line up, I felt this only added to my disappointment.

I would expect more from such a film and especially from such a cast, but it just wasn't meant to be I guess.

There was some scenes, including the action that I did enjoy, but in saying that I felt that was also quite rushed and under done'

The final outcome didn't make much sense to me and if you happen to watch it, I guess you will probably understand what I mean.


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Written by   77
3 months ago
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