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The Stampede for Vybrainium has already started

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1 month ago

Watching as the whales role into the town of #vybrainium and start buying #Vyb is a positive sign for the new #vyb community, that fills me with joy and with that we should start to see some positive effects start to correlate with the #pob community.

If you were considering selling those liquid POB, I would strongly suggest against it, If you must, maybe think about following the herd and using any liquid POB to do a direct purchase for VYB.

It is clearly the better long term option, but don't get bogged down with F.O.M.O

1,000,000 #vybrainium can now be directly purchased at the following rates from the accounts linked.

@x-1pob-4vyb (150,000)
@x-1pob-3vyb (99,999)
@x-1pob-2vyb (100,000)
@x-1pob-1vyb (300,001)
@x-2pob-1vyb (50,000)
@x-3pob-1vyb (50,000)
@x-5pob-1vyb (50,000)
@x-8pob-1vyb (50,000)
@x-12pob-1vyb (50,000)
@x-17pob-1vyb (50,000)
@x-23pob-1vyb (50,000)

This will add strength to the #pob tribe and token and should over the coming weeks see a demand for liquid #pob that will be staked for a set time period in a pob fund, once used to purchase vybrainium of course, because of this we should see a rise in value of both tokens.

Read the full detailed post from @vyb.vyb for a more detailed explanation HERE

Weathering the Storm

Correct me if I am wrong, my understanding is that, if you are currently staked with pob tokens, vyb tokens will be like a fork and airdropped to those that are staked. if so, this is a positive moral booster for every pob HODLer that weathered the storm or so to speak.

Big things seem to be happening behind the scenes and @trostparadox and his newly formed vyb team @scholaris.pob @calumam and @nonsowrites have really out done themselves with this amazing initiate. I wish you guys the best of luck and look forward to converging with you at some point as things move forward.

It looks like a proof of brain styled pension fund has arrived in the name of #vybrainium, a 100% staked token with disincentives for those that want to unstake, I can't wait to see the new front ends for both tribes when they are officially launched.

As a HODLer, I am very excited.

What about you? Are you excited?

For those on the outside looking in, Always remember

I hope this will incentivise those in the pob community that were considering selling their tokens for a measly price, to reconsider that though as I believe the road is about to get rocky and we are heading out of the storm into the sunshine as demand for Pob is set to soar.

Don't take my word for it, simply watch as the whales continue to roll into the town of vybrainium to buy up all those liquid calf bearing pob cows.

Sometimes when you can't beat them joining them is the only logical option.

Don't give up on your dreams to become financially independent just yet, things are only getting started.

I believe the new vybrainiun front end will be available at once launched so make sure to follow the team for future updates. those can all be found in the linked post above, Lets round em up boys.

$ 9.25
$ 9.15 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.10 from @Pantera
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Written by   77
1 month ago
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