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The Haunting of Jaxsonville, based on a True Story

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11 months ago

This story is based on factual events that happened a number of years ago or there abouts, make sure you put your seat belts on and have your chocolate favoured candy at the ready. This shuttle is about to take off.

This post is for the #pobphotocontest on #pob posted by @friendlymoose using the festival theme Scary Above is a photo off me wearing a similar mask to the one that used to terrify me as a child, "Come with we on a journey and find out why"?it's an old photo that I used for a music promotion night a few years ago on Halloween night, called Jaxsonville Horror Night which was taken in an undisclosed location in a dark region of a club, on a planet, in a far away Galaxy.

And So The Frightening Story Begins, I Do Hope You Are Ready!

I was maybe nine or even ten years old at the time, when traveling with a group of like minded companions, in search of some fun on a dark and spooky evening called All Hallows Eve, we had just eaten some strong ass candy and drank sweet Coke Cola as we had travelled by some rather exotic looking locations in search of the ultimate destination, when there it was right in front of our eyes. Bam.

It stood out like Freddy Kruger singing in a church choir.

The place was a desolate, abandoned and looked rather rundown and weary, but we weren't frightened, we had each had our Weetabix that morning and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing was going to prevent us from having some fun.

The building stood maybe nine storeys tall at the time and was made up of some living quarters and some barred up flats, but we weren't deterred, we were made of stronger stuff than what this place could muster, we did after all grow up in one of the toughest neigbourhoods in one of the toughest cities on planet earth.

The lights were out in the building and the walled stairwell was filled with graffiti and litter as we entered from the back parking entrance, we felt strong as a group prepared for almost anything.

Slowly we creep up the stairs until we reached maybe the second or was it the third flour, I can't quite remember that Candy was rather powerful stuff, we found an entrance to one of the abandoned flats and entered with confidence, making our way around the inside of the property in search of some, Fun-fear

The atmosphere inside was no different than outside, cold, wet, dark and downright spooky. the shadows grue and shuddered in equal proportions as the light from our matches faded deep into the darkness of the long hollowed hallway, we quickly needed to find any alternative light medium, candles, a torch maybe if any remained, the air grew cold and thin as we started to feel a little more constricted, maybe even Claustrophobic.

Then suddenly the entrance door we closed over after entering opened loudly and heavy footsteps echoed into the hallway, what was this had we been followed, we huddled closely together in a defensive mode, with our candy cain and toffee apples held high, ready to attack.

There in front of us stood a tall figure wearing a hockey mask like Jason from the Halloween movies, I could see the cold air in the steam from my breath almost freeze in mid air.

Slowly we entered the hallway to confront this dark mysterious figure, it was a frightening night to say the least but has remained with me ever since.

Factual Story

This story isn't quite as funny or well narrated, but it is a true story, myself and a group of friends did do as portrayed in the the story above only we where totally naive and quite terrified, we lived in a run down council estate that had numerous flats situated near by and as I explained in the story we did venture out into the unknown in search of adventure, my Dad worked long hours from 6am until 10pm each day to give each of his eleven children a better future, after the death of his wife, my mother and unfortunately wasn't always there for the younger generation, he was a great provider, but wasn't the father that was needed at that time by the three youngest of his children.

Anyway the guy wearing the Jason mask turned out to work at a local pub, which a number of my older brothers worked as bouncers, but that night left me scared of anyone wearing a mask, I have since got over this fear but I guess it will remain with me.

when the person wearing the mask quickly realised who we were he quickly unmasked as he was know to us and our families. but the fact remains that a single episode in a child's memory can linger...

I hope you the haunting of Jaxsonville story and my entry into the #pobphotocontest

Scary Masks
Here are some other photographs of the types of masks I used to fear, these are not originally taken photo's and were source online using Presearch

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Written by   79
11 months ago
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