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The Forever Purge is upon Us

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11 months ago

In the Forever After Purge a group of militia go on a rampage against the NFFA The new Founding fathers in a hope of restoring America to it's Ideals of the past, but also in a hateful pursuite and murder spree of non americans, this reeks of woke entertainment trying to push an agenda on movie watchers.

In saying that it is a pretty good movie.

In the opening scenes we are brought into a storyline of Mexicans working on a ranch in Texas near the border town of El Paso the day before the purge begins.

The son of the rancher is set in his ways and thinks no cowboys come from Mexico but is proven wrong by a Mexican's ability to tame the unbroken wild horses.

What transpires is a night of mayhem as we have all come to expect from the Purge movie franchise, the workers are taken back to a safe compound guarded by a paid group of mercenaries/ security, from where they can watch the upheaval on the news and from the rooftops.



The next day however the situation takes a dramatic turn when those workers return to work across Texas only to be attacked by the forever after group of purgers who are hell bent on a forever purge, cleansing the nation of everybody but white nationals.

It is at this point that I become disenfranchised with the movie makers woke and devisive agenda.

However they seem to redeem themselves a little as the storyline progresses and Two Mexican workers return to the ranch on which they work, which has been over run by a group of forever purgers aiming to also wipe out the rich families in control of the border land that offer work to migrants and save most of the family, establishing a bound that cannot be broken even when the lives of the migrants is put at risk for their own survival.




The original soundtrack was composed entirely by the Newton Brothers You can see the full playlist on Soundtracklist



Adela and her husband, Juan, live in Texas, where he works as a ranch hand for the wealthy Tucker family. Juan impresses the Tucker patriarch, Caleb, but that fuels the jealous anger of his son, Dylan. On the morning after the Purge, a masked gang of killers attacks the Tuckers, forcing both families to band together and fight back as the country spirals into chaos.


From Presearch: The Forever Purge Synopsis
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All round the forever purge is an enjoyable movie, there are some great storylines and plots, filled with action, crazy antics and a revitalizing story of how all people can come together in the face of adversary to protect each other as one human race regardless of racial or cultural differences. definitely one to watch if you are looking for some enjoyable action.




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Written by   78
11 months ago
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"Zero width embed"

What is this? I've seen it from other users as well? It means something?

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11 months ago

No sure what that means it may have something to do with the width of the video or something like that, but creates the size I only provide the link, it would be nice to have a better understanding for sure, hopefully somebody reading could give some understanding, Thanks for dropping by @Pantera

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11 months ago

Np. Oh, forgot to ask about Purge! Is it worth watching? There are many movies right?

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11 months ago

Yes I really enjoyed the underlined story as the families from different cultures come together to protect one an other, I am not crazy about the other purge movies but this one has a different feel during the second half.

A story of hope about Human being putting their difference aside to help each other survive regardless of racial or cultural differences, sold me, it is definitely worth a watch

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11 months ago