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Should Crytpo Communities moderated Tags

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4 months ago

I have noticed recently that it has become increasingly difficult to shake the apple from the tree when it comes to curating #vyb and #Pob posts.

So many are currently using these tags from other front ends that it is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for new users to distinguish from those genuine users that support these front ends and those milking rewards as @onealfa clearly pointed out in his post My Msg to token MILKERS

I am just thinking out load here, but would it be possible to have a moderated front end tag for #Vyb and #Pob that allowed users to only curate these tags, something that I believe is available on other front ends and would allow users to see those that are happy to milk rewards while at the same time having no vested interest in these communities other than stacking extra tokens, or as some might put it milking rewards.

I would love to hear a community consensus on these, planned changes on the #Vyb front end which will only as I believe allow five tags, which in my opinion is a good thing, considering you will earn #Vyb#Pob and #Hive

This is an issue that I believe will bring better judgement to those that are currently curating these front ends but something we should discuss in greater detail, some believe that we should be able to use whichever tag we choose, which I respect, but is that always a good thing as can be seen from the interactions in the comments of my previous post on this topic, when others that are more experienced can abuse these options, You can read that post HERE

My goal is that we can all align with the tribes/communities that gave us the support that we needed In an honest fair and uncompromised manner to push forward further growth and a kind of rejuvenation of the tribes/communities and tokens we enjoy using.

I am no way different, from any other, I have incorrectly used tags, NOT INTENTIONALLY ABUSED THEM, to milk rewards, but my difference lies within my motivation, I have never sold or transferred my tokens for profit, I consistently stake everything so that I can add value to those around me, those I engage with and those who's content I enjoy reading and engaging with.

This by no means, determines that if you are in financial difficulty that you shouldn't sell some tokens to feed your family or pay your bills, or that you shouldn't do so, which is an absolute necessity, taking care of those most important to you is a massive plus and I personally applaud all those that take advantage of this amazing opportunity to do so.

I just feel that those that take advantage should be zeroed out, these guys and gals already have amassed serious wealth and never engage with others that don't fit into that circle of friends.

it would be better if we could clearly see those that are supporting the front ends we use and those that are milking rewards.

A controversial discussion I know, but believe me if we don't have this discussion now it will continue to raise it's ugly head until we have had an honest and frank discussion about it.

I want to hear from both sides so that we as a community can put this issue to bed, I don't care one way or the other if you agree, disagree or are indifferent, lets talk about it in the hope that we can institute some changes that we can all be happy with....

You can Join me for further discussions on any of the following platforms.

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Written by   79
4 months ago
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