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NFTs could be a little less complicated dont't you think. but......


So a bit of a controversial issue, but I have be honest with this one I have been trying to set up games that allow you to earn NFTs now for a few days and on multiple devices too and I am “Highly dissapointed”.

I have managed to set up three of the fours games so far that I want to review at a later date, but these platforms havent made things easy, for new players that may be concerned about privacy and unfamiliar with how things work, from the basics like linking multiple wallets, to using social media and apps, that in my opinion are not fully decentalized and some are KYCs, for me this is defeating the purpose of Anonimity.

Some of these associated Apps actually require photographs of both your ID and a recent utility bill, which is exactly why I believe many people have moved away from the failed banking system that share your data with corrupt governments just to begin with, governments that use your hard earned taxs to line their own greedy pockets, while spending little on needed expenses such as hospitals, schools roads and infastructure etc.

But these are not the kind of items you want to be photgraphing to share online.

Granted they want to ensure that people are not setting up multiple accounts or abusing the systems I get that!, but me personally I like bitcoin cash because of the simple fact that you can remain anonomous at all times if you require to be, that choice is yours, isin't that what the cryptoverse is ment to be all about, taking back financial control and your freedom.

Why on earth would we share, private data such as passwords, emails, your phone number, a piece of photographic Identification which has locally and centralised government identifcation numbers and a recent utility bill with every second app just that requests it for access.


This is every single piece of documentation and information that can be used to steal your digital Identity, “AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT FINDS THIS A CONCERNING SLIPPERY SLOPE”, or are we too caught up in the current trends to be concerned with such issues that I feel may put each of our futures at risk if there was to ever be a security breach at any of these platforms.

God forbid a hacker or worse a tyrannical government was to get hold of that imformation, the only thing that hasen't been request of me yet is my blood type and medical records Lol....that would be the final straw for me, but who is to say the same people couldn't access this information through lets say pharmacutical companies who we all know are not very forthright with facts were profits are concerned.

Just let me be clear this is not an attack on these NFT gamimg platforms as I personally love the idea that they have for people to own their own digital property, created from art, music or collectables such as cards, it is not the game platforms themselves that require much of this information but the associated apps you are tasked to set up and/ or link in order to get rewards or free access to games, but this is something that maybe needs to be re-evaluated, for the good and privacy of users or am I wrong, are people happy to give up hard earned freedoms in return for digital trinkets

How hackers steal your Identity THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW


Identity theft explained and what to do about it. SECURITY.ORG



Here is one example, one game in particular offer new users the equivalent of $20 in Ethereum to complete the following missions.


  1. Create a game account, Fine this is straight forward, until I have to reset my password a dozen or so times over a three day period before finally gaining access

  2. Create a certain crypto exhange account, A “KYC” Know your customer account, This I have concern with for privaacy reasons, why would you need to set up an exchange account that requires Photographic ID and utility bill photographs to enter a game, unless its a company affiliate link, “NOTE”, I have no problem with affiliate links I use and share them all the time and clearly for some this is not an issue, it's the requirement of this affiliate to provide photographic evidence of Identity but when you see the next mission it clearly doesn't make much sense.

  3. Link a wallet to your account, So you didn't need an exchange wallet, why ask for one

  4. Subscribe to an specific email list, again not an issue until you receive dozens of emails before even completing missions 5-8

And there are four more missions, before entering the game afterwhich and this is the best part you need to purchase 50-100 packs of cards from $2.49 up to $10s of dollars per pack, your $20 dollars in Ethereum won't even partially cover this or am I missing something.


I have not mentioned the Games or Exchange Apps in question for a reason, I value privacy, but also the rights of the freedom of speech that's why I felt compelled to discuss this topic and gain some opinions, “YES” I want to hear your opimion, But first you must complete these 8 missions and subscribe to my........................, Lol, HA, Na just kidding..... I really wanna hear our opinions in the comments below.


If you understand where I am coming from with this article and would like to hear further honest unconstrained opinions based on my experience of the cryptosphere and the associated cryptourrencies, Apps and technology, you could subscride to one my blogs at the following links.

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Thank you, for just being you, and deciding that together we can make a difference in the cryptosphere of the future where all can be equal and and tryants will no longer control your finances, a place where you can have Cryptech Views in freedom.


Love you guys, have a wonderful #BCHDAY

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Wow, i will protect my identity now, thank you for this useful article ❤️, newbie here.

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