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Proof of brain seems to offer authors a unique opportunity for writing blogs based around any topic, the only catch is that you must use your actual brain power to write creative, detailed and engaging content. Well it ain't really a catch, its logical sense.

We all have a brain but unfortunately not everybody uses theirs, lets change that shall we.

This can be a tricky thing to do when you are restricted to a specific topic or genre, but when the world is your oyster and all you gotta do, is get frecking motivated, then there is no better motivation that picking a subject that you are passionate about and writing about what you love.

Put your thoughts aside?

You can start by putting all thoughts of what others are doing and writing right out of that head of yours and just eat your brain food, spinach or whatever it is that helps you to get into that focused mindset.

If you find you are still struggling, try a little free writing at first until your words start to form a coherent sentence of meaning and then structure that in a way that has dept and is engaging for your readers.

What is free writing?

Free writing is when you talk a pen and paper and write down or just start typing whatever comes to mind into your keyboard, it doesn't have to make sense, your mind could be completely blank but you could still write down or type the words Blah Blah Blah consecutively right?

I know it sounds strange, but it is an actual proven method used by some of the worlds greatest renowned writers.

Yes they get writers block at times too you know, the trick is to get the fingers flowing and the brain will follow, a bit similar to how muscle memory works a kind of reaction to a situation.

I use this method myself and it can be very useful and I sometimes find that the results can be strangely pleasing.

Worth a try, hey, it certainly is, trust the method and very soon those Blah Blah Blah's will become meaningful sentences that can be strung together into a rewarding article.

Lets get those neurons fired up shall we?

Sometimes we all need some deep brain stimulation of the medial septum and wake it from it's writers block slumbering so that we can perform our required functions, after all it ain't neuroscience, but you may still need and anogram, Na “just kidding”.

Writing doesn't need to be technical, but it does need to be interesting and enjoyable, readers like to return to authors who's work they may have enjoyed in the past, something we can all benefit from, more readers.

For instance, for today's article I was inspired by the #just-write initiative held by @juanmiguelsalas on the platform and oh yeah there are requirements.

There is a solid method behind this initiative, but I guess you all wanna know Huh, I can here you screaming........ Prizes, What are the prizes...

I love to read articles and stories from guys that have reached a level they can start initiatives that give back to those that are passionate about writing in the community and what better way than starting a little writing competition.

If you would like to learn more about this initiative you can read about it at the following link

And if you enjoyed this article then headbutt that upvote and you won't waste any brain power by re-blogging, it would however help me to reach new readers and hopefully gain some followers, I would very much appreciate that because I.......




If you happen to stunble apon my post on another platform you are welcome to come along and join me on proof of brain and find out what all the fuss is about, you can find me here at the following link:

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2 years ago
Topics: Hive, Creativity, Earn crypto, POB, Leo, ...