Pobpunks NFT Airdrop

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1 year ago
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The Pobpunks NFT Airdrops have now been sent, there are a few that may not have received their Discord NFT Airdrop as I need to clarify the hive username for the following discord members before those drops can be sent

Also one character creation is still uncompleted for @victorbch, which should be finished in the next day or two and sent.

Those that have been sent NFTs in the Pobpunks Airdrop are displayed in the following tables

Final Notes
You will find these Airdrops in the Pob NFT Marketplace in either your collection or gallery section of the marketplace.

Those that have received an Airdrop are the following people

Victor your character creation will be done in the next day or two and transferred to you.

You can Join me for further updates on any of the following platforms.

Proof of brain

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$ 1.33 from @TheRandomRewarder
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1 year ago
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I'm in your discord server and I also bought some POB NFT directly from you... My hive username is talon12 .

@victorbch has lost the keys to his hive account. He's now using @victorbch2..... You could also send the NFT to his wax add instead of on hive

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1 year ago

What name do you use in discord @talon yeah if victorbch lost his keys I will send it on to wax, thanks for the feedback, I will be posting a Pob NFT marketplace quick guide in the coming days as some are unsure how to use it, would you like me to tag you in it or have you found your way around OK

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1 year ago

My discord username is @philipmax. Do tag me

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1 year ago

Just sent you an Airdrop via the Pob NFT marketplace to the @talon12 account Pal

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1 year ago

Okay.. Thanks, I'll check

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1 year ago

No Problem you are welcome

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1 year ago

Yes you did buy some NFTs via bch, I just wasn't sure of the user names as some have used different hive and discord usernames that's perfectly fine, I just wanted to clarify those names, you will be eligible for the Airdrop, so expect an NFT Airdrop in your Pob NFT marketplace at some point Tomorrow my friend.

Thank you for the feedback

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1 year ago