Pobpunks, new editions, Airdrop and character creation Update

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Apologies for the late Pobpunks update this week, a lot of progress has made behind the scenes and my personal life is always busy in the New Year.

With that been said this weeks addition includes more variety, colours and some Genesis works dropping into the collection for some additional value and spice, which should make purchases a little more strategic this week.

Pobpunks Airdrop
The long awaited Pobpunks Airdrop is almost ready, as I have had to build a database to ensure everyone that took part in the original giveaways was included as well as those that took part in the fictional character creations and writing contests as well as those that joined the discord server for updates prior to launch.

Those Airdropped NFTs will start to be dropped into the Pob NFT marketplace Tomorrow and can immediately be flipped should their new owners wish to do so.

Each Pobpunks edition will consistently rise in value by 10% those that are wise enough to buy early editions will see the value rise by at least 10% EACH WEEK

However Airdropped Pobpunks NFTs do not fall into this category and will therefore have no set price other than whatever price their new owners see fit, as with any Pobpunk purchased, you decide what you want to do with them, HODL, Trade or flip that's part of the fun with NFTs.

This weeks NFTs will be 33 POB tokens each and will continue to rise by 10% as per week as shown in the tokenomics table displayed above

Just some feedback on recent sales to keep you motivated.

Pobscholarship Fund Support
Further to this I will be transferring 10 newly minted PobPunks to the @pobscholarship fund account to be used for giveaways, contests or sales to raise further funds for NFT creators that apply for a whitelisting.

I will also be setting the Pobscholarship fund as a beneficiary for further NFT related posts and further NFTs will be transferred each week to be used in giveaways, contests or for sales to support applicants and also to power up for curation on NFT and Digital art related posts and when need be donations whenever funds are needed to support new applicant whitelisting.

So If applying when funds are low do feel free to tag me in your application to the fund @pobscholarship

To find out how to apply read the following post POB NFT Scholarship

You can also read my application, the first to be granted through the Fund HERE and use this as a guide for your own application.

I will also be delegating 500 POB to the fund to help kick off curation rewards as the fund appears to have funds available for a new applicant thanks to another awesome donation from the @proofofbrainio account

Copyright Notice
The above images and gifs are the copyright ownership of #Pobpunks #Vyberman 2021-2022 and @jaxsonmurph and may not be used without written consent of the owner/creator.

Final Notes
A big thank you to everybody that has been a part of this journey You will find these Airdrops as they start dropping Tomorrow in no particular order at the Pob NFT Marketplace

Further updates on the pobpunk NFT comic book will be coming soon in another post in the mean time I would like to hear from any map creators or street punk art creators that may be interested in collaborating on in platform NFT based game. @samsmith1971 @djjourneyman23 @vikbuddy @alovely088 @wrestlingdesires @chincoculbert @funshee @mayorkeys @heskay @subidu @esperosh1ve @khaleesii @young-boss-karin @samostically @b0s @princessj190 @wrestlingdesires @ifarmgirl @andy-plays @doziekash @ozohu @baned @mineopoly

You can Join me for further updates on any of the following platforms.

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Topics: Pobpunks, NFTs, Digital Art, Hive, POB, ...