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POB: Favourite Article of The Day 003

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3 months ago

It's great to see the wide and diverse collection of articles shared in the contest and Yesterday we had four entrants, so we are slowly growing, engagement and curation is improving and many new people are showing an interest.

This is a credit to those taking part, commenting, engaging, curating and of course to those showing ongoing support for the initiative, I am grateful to you all.

But also to the authors who I hope are getting more views and where it is deserved better rewards.

Yesterday's Winners

1) @sindetalles
2) @merit.ahama
3) @samsmith1971

Winners were chosen at random using
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Yesterday's Prizes
1) First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

2) Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

3) Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

Prizes will be transferred as soon as this article is posted

Yesterday's Entrants

  1. @sindetalles shared a great post by @alekst7 the #faotd comment entry was a nice article about hypersensitivity and why we should not see this as a weakness, a difficult topic to write about for most, but one that is needed for balance in Today's macho society, I find people that are hypersensitive to be very creative in many ways and it is a credit to the author, I would suggest if you haven't already read this article that you should drop by and leave your thoughts it is called Hypersensitivity is not weakness

  2. @merit.ahama shared an article by @mmykel that delved into the good and bad days writers and content creators have and explained how he used the creative days to prepare more articles for the days when he was less creative, this was a really enjoyable read and I would suggest it to anyone that may suffer writers block or just periods of feeling to tired or less creative, it has a really positive outlook and would provide motivation to improve your down time, by utilizing the work created on the good days this article When Inspired He used the term Making hay while the sun shines and that is a great way of putting it, we can all learn a little something from doing this.

  3. @samsmith1971 shared a wonderfully crafted short story by @diebitch which takes you on a journey into the imagination of the author. A story with a unique twist that is sure to catch even the most experienced reader off guard. This short story is a great example of the best creative writing techniques and how using them can draw in a audience and take them on a trip along the way into the mind of the author, if you aim to improve apon your writing skills this short story will definitely help to get those creative juices flowing, drop by and give Love at First Sight? a read.

  4. @plint shared an article written by @josediccus where he goes through the reason why we as humans we should be pragmatic and resourceful, a well thought out and thought provoking piece, something we can all learn from, do swing past and check out his work Being Pragmatic In Solving The Little Problems (An Economic Perspective)

My Favourite Article of the Day

My Favourite Article of the day was written by @dwinblood in this article he explains how it is best to acknowledge the good and sometimes unexpected responses from others and how the community here on Hive is much different to how it was on Steemit and how things were handled there, this shows the true nature of what he see's as positive differences he has witnessed here on hive, a very interesting read, something i can say I understand, although I never used steemit I have heard some crazy stories afterwhich I am grateful we now have Hive. His article When someone does something unanticipated it is worth saying something about it. Just shows we can all get along regardless if we agree or not on certain subjects. do drop by and give it a read, we could all do with more of this.

#faotd #dcc

Today's Prizes

Today's prizes will remain unchanged.

1) First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

2) Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

3) Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

NOTE: It is worth noting that although winners will receive additional upvotes aswell as prizes, the percentage weight of these upvotes cannot be guaranteed as nobody can guarantee a 100% upvote.

The Rules
Leave your #faotd in the Comment section below using a clickable link to your favourite Proof of brain article of the day, and also tag the author, this can be any article you found helpful or you found added value to the #pob community.

Write a brief explanation as to why you chose this particular article.

Make sure to use both the #faotd and #dcc tags so that your comment may be curated by both #faotd and #dcc

Make sure to use a clickable link

Alternatively you can look up the entries to Yesterdays #faotd contest on how best to structure your comment entry for the Favourite Article of the Day HERE

Congratulation to all 3 Winners from Yesterday and thank you to all entrants for taking part, I wish you the all the best of luck in the next contest.

This initiative is brought to you in Collaboration with @dcooperation and @clixmoney you can learn more about the #dcc coin and it's use case at The use case of dcc token

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Written by   67
3 months ago
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Thanks a lot! I really enjoy this daily interaction that you have created!

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3 months ago

You are welcome Pal, and by the way congratulations on todays win

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3 months ago