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No Better World Now, Chapter 1, Part 2

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3 months ago

Reimagined had become well versed in political espionage and was so well managed and co-ordinated in a sophisticated and strategic manner that even the worlds most powerful governments hadn't been prepared for what was coming.

That morning as the President was called to a secret briefing with his intelligence committee, "as Reimaged had anticipated" he was informed of a yet unconfirmed plot to attack his motorcade convey.

Head of secret service, Robert Vincent tried desperately to convince him that making deliberate and sudden unsecure changes to his plans could end in catastrophe and instead proposed a plan for the President to remain in a secure location such as the Whitehouse bunker, but Biden aids were having none of it, evoking political wokeism and accusing him of diverting the President from following his pre-planned political agenda.

Instead Biden aids suggested the ridiculous plan of transferring the President on a secondary route to his destination, with less visible security while pretending all was well at the Whitehouse, this couldn't have been a more disastrous plan and soon those responsible for it's very inception would pay the highest political price.

Brent Palmer an acting double for the president who had previously been used for main stream media photo shoots was brought in to immediately act as the President unaware of the current risks or dangers posed.

unfortunately Reimagined were receiving direct secure intel from the Biden admins communications and had already deployed numerous teams in preparation for any eventual decoy's for their chosen targets.

This was an all or nothing mission designed to wipe out not only the President and his administration but the complete democratic line of succession, every single democrat in line to the throne had now become a legitimate target for Reimagined.

Reimagined consisted of ex political leaders, law enforcement military and emergency personal as well as nerdy computer geeks who had quickly discovered that any allegiance they may have once held to the Presidency or any political party was swiftly brushed aside for a narcissistic global agenda and swiftly brought on board the most successful political strategists that would guarantee a successful mission, despite being underfunded and working around the clock these men and women were adamant not to fail.

Every eventuality had been planned for in advance and each person involved had been vetted and left with no other alternative and nothing left to lose, they had each watched in horror as America had been infiltrated and continually dismantled from within, aided and abetted by the wealthy elites, big tech and the main stream media.

Reimaged had become a modern collective of people fighting for all that remained good in society and soon the public would realise that.

Biden aids sat down to plan out a disastrous and unprofessional plan, worse so than any plan they had ever knowingly conceived, yet they were still unaware that their every move brought them ever closer to Annihilation, nobody in the Whitehouse would have believed they, "the most powerful people in American politics" were susceptible to external Surveillance, In fact it had never been done before, but neither had the unprecedented vaccine lockdowns, mandates and passports.

The entire world found themselves in unchartered territories and was gradually beginning to fight back, however this was a defining point in history that would vibrate around the globe, sending a clear message to all involved, that the people would no longer accept totalitarian repression or depopulation, A clear message that the people were coming for them and was destined to change the narrative and mark a turning point in history that would never be forgotten.

What was about to transpire, do not be mistaken, it was a necessary evil, an evil that would enable the world to rid itself of those hell bent on killing billions so that they and their bloodlines may prosper for generations to come.

An evil so great it would distinguish the very bloodlines of those that desperately attempted to kill 7.5 billion people. The Elite Hunters was about to be born of heroic men and women prepared to Reimagine a brighter Tomorrow. Was that necessarily Evil? I think the billions of saved lives may just disagree.

Updated reading to keep you aware of progress as the story unfolds

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I'm going to tag some readers that commented on my previous NBWN publications that may like the opportunity for a catch up as the story progresses @hranhuk @xplosive @azee4lov if you guys think other might enjoy reading feel free to reblog or tag readers, I would appreciate that.

No Better World Now is A @jaxsonmurph Work of Fiction, CHAPTER 1 (Part 2)
You can read the Prologue and previous Chapter 1, Part 1 at the links provided above to what I believe may be the first book written solely for and in the #pob communitiy.

No Better World Now is an original work of apocalyptic fiction, written for and in the #proofofbrainio community, the tails depicted are the authors own October 12th 2021 on blockchain copyrighted material, the image is my own creation and may not be used, misrepresented or reproduced without the Authors expressed consent..

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Written by   77
3 months ago
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