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It is with much pleasure that I get to write this Application for my @pobscholarship entry post, thanks to @mineopoly's exciting initiative to support budding NFT artists in the Proof of brain and vybrainium communities.

So lets get this show on the road, I have been a digital artist now for a while, I used to create logo's and promotional material for business start ups, but in general I have always been a creative artist for years I was a painter, but lost all my work a few years back to a property fire and never got round to creating physical works again, I guess I kind of lost my lust for the finer things.

I got into creating NFTs just to give to people in the communities that I enjoy using as an attempt to make interactions more fun and friendly.

I have been working on a number of NFT projects now for a few months, but really started taking it serious the past two or three months.

Over this time I have been working on the Pobpunks in an attempt to aid engagement in the Pob community and later Vybrainium.

Here is my legacy story so far.
I have been creating pobpunks as a vehicle to further engagement and have a little fun with those that I engage with and to be honest it has been awesome and the support in the community has been out of this Metaverse.

I mainly mint on the Wax blockchain, but since the launch of the POB NFT Marketplace I have been working towards an Official launch in the New Year, so that I could gather the necessary whitelisting fee.

My creations where initially produced for giveaways, which evolved into encouraging people to get involved by creating their very own fictionalised Pobpunks characters, by writing a post which I would later bring to life on the wax blockchain.

There has been some amazing community collaborations because of this, some of which I will list below, to give a better insight into the impact, engagement and fun that has been had during these collaborations to bring fictionalised Pobpunk characters to life.

  1. Community Imagined Pobpunks Characters Brought to Life

  2. Grim, The Wrestling Punk Written by @wrestlingdesires

  3. The Curious Tale of Jane Austentatious - Literary #POBPUNK with Sass Written by @samsmith1971

  4. Meet Pobpunk NFT Character 'The Woke Pimp' Written by @nevies

  5. Have you met Les Beast??! Written by @chincoculbert

  6. Hermann the Verified Wolf Punk Written by @mineopoly

  7. MR STITCH || Pobpunk Written by @doziekash

Here are some of the fictionalised Pobpunks character creations that have been brought to life, aided by collaboration in the community.

Jane Austentatious the first femaile Pobpunk

The Woke P.I.M.P

Grim, The WrestlingPunk
Further to this I have been working on an extensive collection of Pobpunks for a New Year Launch, as well as at least two other collections and an extended metaverse, storyline, character creation for each collection. what are they?

A) Pobpunks, *I have displayed some of them here, however I have expanded and improved on these designs, incorporating gifs, animations and soon sound.

B) cryptobabies, which I have built another extensive collection of, but have much work to be done before completion.

Here are some teasers

These little puppies are pixelated cool kids or babies

C) Schnoobies, Which I don't have an image of at the moment to share, the idea is based on noobies in the Metaverse or a more advanced design of cryptobabies, these are still a work in progress.

D) For the Pobpunks I have also been building around the idea of a Pobpunks NFT Hall of Fame, to showcase the most popular Pobpunks amongst the community, with some Pob rock star figures thrown in for good messure, these hall of famers will have more in dept landscaped surroundings, some animated with sound.

E) The Pobpunks Attack on the Metaverse, NFT Comic book is also in the early design stages as per @mineopoly's awesome suggestion. Below is a rough design, but not the final product, which will be more elaborate and colour coded in an old school comic book format, in maybe black, white, red and yellow.

F) Another Project I am currently working on is the creation of Hive NFT Avatars, specifically for community members, that would like a personalised NFT Avatar created from an image or photo you would like characterised into an NFT for a small fee, which will include minted costs.

Here are two examples of those, created from images of two past American presidents that everybody should know. These are just examples that everyone should know, One from each party, So Pls don't make it political.



If a personalised Hive NFT Avatar tickles your taste buds, hit me up on a comment, I would be happy to assist with the right flavours.

Well I guess this application post for @pobscholarship gives the reader a good example of my current work as well as my creative NFT plans heading into 2022, if you like what's going down with the Pobpunks Familia, pls head over to @mineopoly's post Here and give me a big thumbs up, I would very much appreciate that.

Thank you to everyone that has nominated me for this @pobscholarship, I really appreciate all you guys, @mineopoly@chincoculburt@wrestlingdesires you guys are filled with awesomeness and Good Vybs.

Just to clarify, I do have the required 1000 POB staked which is another requirement for whitelisting and this scholarship would allow me to get the Pobpunk show right on the road, A.S.A.P

Is it time to enter the Pobpunk Cave, get my Super Hero gear ready, you decide, drop over and follow @pobscholarship and if you can throw your weight behind this wonderful initiative.

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Topics: Digital Art, NFTs, POB, Scholarship, Hive, ...


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