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Learning can sometimes be a large part of the reward

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1 year ago

Writing on multiple platforms you quickly find yourself adopting new methods and strategies for each, what is and is not the correct method for one will differ from the next.

Maximizing your impact can almost certainly be difficult from the start, but being persistent and determent can sometimes pay off.

With each platform you will find yourself that there are many strategies, asking questions from those with more experience and in doing so you not only learn how to engage and by doing so help yourself and the community around you to prosper.

This learning curve will almost certainly be a large part of our individual journey on the blockchain and something we can all use to help and improve our situation and opportunities.

I try very hard to learn as much about each platform specifically how to use what you earn to help to grow and expand the ecosystem, while also from time to time earning what you need to help you in difficult times and that sometimes includes staking and on the Hive blockchain and leofinance powering up.

Powering up was something I was unfamiliar with until I started to use the Hive ecosystem and learning to do it can be quite rewarding.

Obviously I write to earn an income like most and learning how to use your earned income to generate further low risk income whether that be staking, powering up or lending is of the utmost importance.

For instance I have been writing on PublishOX and earning from reading and publishing articles and with the recent partnership between PublishOX and Kucoin, users have been given the opportunity to lend their earnings through Kucoin and thus earn a further percentage in interest paid out daily.

I have learned that not all tokens can be loaned but instead can be traded for those that are depending on of course your preferences and the interest rates.

This to me is all a large part of the reward, learning how to trade one currency for another that can be used to lend in order to earn higher yields is beneficial to growing your portfolio.

Although I am aware that many users are already and have almost certainly been doing this for a long time and find it comes as second nature, others like myself have only recently had to learn these things.

I enjoy researching each new opportunity and in doing so learn so much more about the changing climate and technologies that are the driving force behind recent and future advances.

There is so much going on behind the scenes that is going to revolutionize our world in the coming decades, even the coming weeks, months and years, technological and medial advances, that are consistently on the cutting edge of their fields.

learning about these while also reading and writing on the blockchain is an added reward, while learning to incorporate them into our lives our stories and our articles can sometimes be beneficial but is not always easy to do unless you choose to study that specific subject and research each aspect to ensure the accuracy of your content.

But back to my main point, I earned some Ethereum, Ampleforth and iFARM for my efforts on PublishOX but as their is no staking method for this platform, "PublishOX", I decided to seek other options whether it be trading, staking or lending and discovered that you can lend certain tokens and gain a low risk interest on your holdings on Kucoin.

This is something I would probably never have decided to do had it not been for the actual partnership.

It might not be massive amounts but the fact that learning to make your money work for itself is a large part of understanding Cryptocurrencies in general.

On further research I found that Ampleforth is not one of the tokens that you can lend and as this was the first currency I withdrew, I decided to check which currencies are accepted and found that I could trade my Ampleforth for Ethereum and combine that with the Ethereum I had already earned to lend and earn a further 0.2% interest daily.

This currency would have otherwise been sitting in a wallet earning nothing, this again is a reward for my learning and when I cannot use what I have earned to stake in a platform I try to find other options to invest in low risk staking or lending.

I find sometimes that we can become overwhelmed with the amount of options and find that it is helpful for me to focus on researching and studying one platform at a time.

I would like to hear about other platforms if anybody has any suggestions or methods you found useful or a platform you have used for a long time, barring in mind I am at the start of my journey.

I also welcome questions, if anybody would like to know more about Kucoin or PublishOX, I am far from an expert and would not be best suited for financial advice, but I believe in helping the ecosystem through engagement on whatever platform I am on as this is beneficial to all that use it.

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Written by   79
1 year ago
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