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It's Another Stormgain Day

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2 days ago

Three weeks ago I began a 30 day review of the Stormgain trading app and specifically it's new mining feature and demo account, although I haven't quite finished using the demo account as there is so much to learn before one should risk trading hard earned money and my review of this will be published next week, I do however want to discuss the educational video's and mining features.

You can open your demo account and receive a $3 bonus before even starting to mine by signing up “HERE” a nice little starter

I have to say the mining feature is pretty well thought out, you earn roughly $0.61 worth of USDT per day as long as you remember or set your notifications to remind you to mine every four hours, you can then use these mined USDT in your trading account once you become confident that you can make profitable trades using your new crypto trading knowledge, I would suggest maybe watching some extra video's such as trading signals made easy which I have included a link to and this extra video about a simple trading strategy which claims you can earn at least $100 a day from doing one simple thing to change the trading signals.

Trading Signals made easy

Earn at Least $100 per day by doing one simple thing

I try to learn from multiple sources rather than relying souly on stormgain, TBH I don't think after my review next week I will be ready to begin trading even if only using the mined USDT, I will most definitely wait a little longer until I have maybe completed the video education, got a better understanding of trading crypto, but this is fine as I am happy to continue mining free USDT and accumulating this until I am ready to start my trading journey, there is no point in jumping into the river until you have at least learned to swim.

That's why I am excited about Stormgain you can continue to mine and build up a nice little trading account while getting educated on trading, that's a win win in my book.

Each morning I like to activate my miner and then watch an Educational video, I do this at least one video per day, but mine every four hours, each video will take anywhere from a minute and thirty seconds up to multiple minutes and include \relevant topics such as:

  • Your First Step

  • Cryptocurrency Basics

  • Wallet Management

  • Mining on Stormgain

  • Trader Tools

  • Crypto-gains Market Insights

  • Pro Level Theory

  • Pro Level Practice

  • Introductory Trading Course (Webinars)

So much to learn and so little time to learn it, this is always my problem

When you have activated your miner you can find the Video education option next to the miner on the menu at the top of your screen.

Here you will find a breakdown of your video education options.

After watching an educational video I would suggest messing around a little with a Demo account to give you a feel for the way trades work, you can find this in the Top right side of your screen. As displayed in this image.

Then click to turn on your demo account as displayed in this image and click yes

Your demo account should now be displayed in the top right of your screen as seen in this image, you will receive 50,000 USDT in your demo account to play around with and learn.

Then go to the Futures on the top left in the menu and choose Futures you will then enter a trading page as seen in this image,

There are some very import options on this page that could make or break a trade as I found out on my first day in my demo account, I was so glad I learned that early and certainly before I started using a real account, these are Leverage or times your trade is leveraged, this is an important feature and one I am not comfortable using in high numbers I always keep my leverage low, maybe 20-30, you can find these on the right side of your Futures page as shown in the image below. Then you will also find the take profit and stop loss features and these both allow you to limit your loss and take profits when you reach a certain point.

  • Leverage

  • Take Profits

  • Stop Loss

If you are not a greedy trader these last to options will increase you chances of earning a steady income from your trades, if of course you trade wisely by buy on the dip and selling on the arch, so research each of these and fully understand how to use them and by all mean don't impulse buy or sell for that matter, try to have a price in a currency that you are willing to buy at and also a price at which you would be happy to sell at, this way you will avoid disappointing losses, however you may find if you sell to soon and a currency continues to rise you may feel regret, but do not let that keep you from playing safe, in time your trading will improve as will the income you earn from your trades always just play it safe to start with and everything else should fall into place.

When you have started to build up some knowledge and experience in the demo account as well as accumulated a nice little starting pot from mining and only when you feel comfortable, begin trading, never let somebody tempt you if you are not ready, for now simple learn while you earn using the mining feature, demo account and video education and don't take it all to seriously you will have plenty of time for that when you start a real trading account using your mined income, so just take your time and earn while learning.

I hope you enjoyed this article and will begin your learning, but also take advantage of that mining feature I have already accumulated just under $14 worth of USDT in only three weeks, you can withdraw when you reach the $10 worth.

Sign up using the link and get a bonus worth $3 before you begin to mine "HERE


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Written by   43
2 days ago
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Yes, I used this application. But the bad thing I found about this application What we mine ( Mining ) that can't be withdrew We can trade this mining amount and then the profit we can withdraw them and wait for 5 months(If we get 0.60$ for one day, we will get 10 or $ 13 in one month, so in this way we will have to spend 5 to 4 month ). Because the minimum withdraw is 50 $

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2 days ago