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Invasion is a new 2021 American science fiction TV series released by Apple TV in late October, the story takes us across the globe to experience an alien invasion from the perspective of completely different individuals.

It starts with the sheriff of a small Town played by Sam Neil as he goes about his daily routine until he starts noticing strange phenomenon's happening.

A soldier in the middle of a conflict zone in the middle east with his unit, who are attacked by a giant creature.

A student with his class on a day trip that goes horribly wrong when the bus they are traveling in crashes and the driver and teacher dies.

A Japanese Space Agency employee observing the attack in real time, who attempts to make contact.

And a women at home with her family in a suburban estate when everything around them is suddenly and unexpectedly destroyed, by an unforeseen force, that locals at first suspect was a Tornado.

During the opening episodes we are left to piece together what is going on as the story switches back and forth between characters and storylines, it starts to build momentum half way into the series and begins to have a War of the Worlds type feel to it, although the pace could be sped up a tad, I found myself impatiently waiting for the actual full on invasion to begin and the human resistance to kick in and half way through this still hasn't happened yet.

I just hope the final episodes are not as slow, as this could make for a really entertaining show if the drama wasn't so impatiently suspenseful.

A mysterious alien species has invaded the earth and those that have survived the initial invasion come face to face with different creatures as they hunt down any surviving humans.

Most people are completely oblivious to the fact that the earth has become under attack as the world is hit with catastrophic power outages and the destruction of infrastructure and homes in what at first appears to be unrelated, until The President of The United States makes an announcement that these incidents are in fact related.

The President goes on to explain that what has been visited upon the earth is not of the earth and for the first time people start to realise they are under attack from an alien species.

Further Reading
Further indebt reading along with a full brake down of the plot, all star cast line up and basicially everyone invovled can be found on Wikipedia Here


The original soundtrack of cinematic music consists of 24 songs in total by Decca records, I couldn't find very much on the actual tracks, artists or composers.

A complete breakdown of the composed music and song titles can be found on Apple Music HERE


An alien invasion is seen through the different perspectives of various people on different continents across the world.

Invasion Synopsis was taken from Presearch:

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Invasion is an enjoyable watch for those that love the alien invasion science fiction genre, although commissioned by Apple in early 2019, I was expecting a little more action, gore and weird creatures with epic cinematography and special effects.

I was left feeling very disappointed as the show comes from the people behind Martian and has a strong cast, narrative, storyline and many plots.

I do hope the show pics up momentum in the final episodes, because I can see a lot of potential in the storyline.

If only it was backed up with great effects, less suspense, more gorey action and a graphic human story of survival it could be a big show, but as it stands in my opinion, it is too slow paced.


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Written by   78
7 months ago
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I just love sci-fi movies/novel. I will be sure to check it out

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Me too, they can't seem o make them quick enough for me nowadays Lol, cheers for the tip Pal

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