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8 months ago

Ice the movie is a perfect example of exactly why we should never trust the main stream narrative when it comes to climate change, there were many movies like this funded by the elites with a narrative designed to take the wealth of those gullible enough to believe it.

For decades scientists funded by the the united Nations and World Economic Forum touted global cooling as a major future catastrophe once this hoax was debunked they quickly switched to global warming and again without viable scientific evidence other than their own funded projects to back up this conspiracy theory aimed at raking in financial benefits for a select few.

I have come to understand that the people in charge of such debunked organisations are devoid of modern business idea's and therefor try to invent catastrophes to raise funding through taxes, to ensure sales and defraud the public. *maybe it is high time the normies realised that.*

The story and plot revolves around the a highly funded narrative that we were headed for a global cooling scenario, which over time was proven to be nothing more than conjecture, similar to what we see today with the currently funded narrative suggesting a global warming on a similar scale that could be catastrophic for mankind.

Fear is the commodity they choose to convey, much like cartel and gangland violence spreads fear amongst local communities, but these people have had a collaborated and fraudulent agenda to relieve you of your hard earned cash from day one.

To be honest I am kind of surprised these types of movies haven't been censored or completely removed from online social media platforms because they utterly dispel the utter lies and fake narratives they continue to push on the global population.

Poor ole Greta Thunberg the Swedish Activist is not even old enough to remember this yet drives a Tesla worth over fifty thousand US Dollars and continues to use plastic drinking bottles, bags and other waste which is regarded as disastrous to the climate change and the global warming narrative.

Yet with funding from the globalists will influence Millions of children who just like her are yet to pay a single tax let alone the cost of energy consumption for a home.

Ice the movie is actually a good entertaining movie, but one could not help while watching it the complete and fraudulent bias being portrayed by people like those responsible for making it.

The movie is based around the possibility that the world is facing an eminent thread of global cooling, which is at first denied by American scientists, until the President decides to listen to a UN scientist that knowns what is going on and the risks imposed for denying science for the global population.

<center>THE SOUNDTRACK</center>

It has been extremely difficult to find information about the soundtrack for this movie what can be found appears to be unrelated which can be found at the following link [HERE](


Most of the world has been covered with a layer of ice. The only way for the remaining residents of the frozen Los Angeles to get around is by snowmobile or snow cat, but these are in short supply and violence is common..

From [Presearch:]( Ice Synopsis

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<center>MY CONCLUSION</center>

Ice is not actually a bad movie, it is quite entertaining and has many dramatic scenes, a strong cast and narrative, As fiction is is a quite good and entertaining story.

<center>WATCH THE TRAILER</center>

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Written by   78
8 months ago
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