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10 months ago

Hell Bound is a new interestingly unique, dark fantasy and is a very powerful and at times deeply thought provoking Korean TV series that recently aired on Netflix.

When otherworldly creatures attack civilians in a downtown suburb of Korea, striking fear into the God fearing people, at first shocking the nation and then the world, until a charismatic cult like religious figure takes advantage of the situation to meet his own dark and somewhat troubling agenda by appointing himself chairman of The New Truth, a new religious organisation that attempts to offer some insight into the sudden otherworldly intervention.

People begin receiving a decree from what the New Truth a religious organisation declares are angels doing Gods work, but are they really? or is there another more sinister explanation.

The series takes us on an, at times powerful story of messengers of God, making sinners pay for their crimes by taking them to hell for their crimes, which at first paints a rather biblical narrative, that many quickly start to believe, once they have witnessed the decrees starting to be fulfilled in a kind of Prophecy.

However all is not as it seems and after people receive a warning of their impeding death, some attempt to run away to avoid the decree, while another sinister group forms to do what they believe is Gods work by policing the streets and taking the law into their own hands against sinners, The Arrow Head aided by a weird Teen Tok video creator dressed up in illuminous paint and strange head gear.

A third group forms out of necessity in an attempt to hide and protect those that have both either publically or privately received the decree. headed up by a lawyer and a professor, both of which have had previous experience or knew somebody that was taken to Hell

The story is done quite well, but at times in a weird way which adds to the plot twists, and is none the less rather intriguing.

Further Reading
Further indebt reading along with a full brake down of the plots and twists, cast line up and basically everyone involved, can be found on Wikipedia Here


I couldn't find any information about the soundtrack for the Hell bound series, which consists of six episodes.


Unearthly beings deliver condemnations, sending individuals to hell and giving rise to a religious group founded on the idea of divine justice.

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Hell bound is a really powerful, yet at times quirky Korean TV series, that sends a clear message to the viewer right from the start, it is well written with a strong performance from the cast and has a really enjoyable narrative.

To be honest I was pleasantly by this offering from what is fast becoming a very strong entertainment industry in Korean, after recent global success with Squid Game and Kingdom, I think I might be keeping an eye on any future releases from now on.

I wasn't sure whether to watch it or not, I had it on the android box and was putting it off, but after engaging with @scholaris.cine Yesterday I decided to get down and dirty with it and Today watched the entire six episodes.

In my opinion it was definitely worth the watch and was rather quite enjoyable.


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Written by   79
10 months ago
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