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Glendalough Monastary, Wicklow, Ireland

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2 months ago

Glendalough boasts some of the oldest Monastic sites in Irelands Ancient East and has been a place of Pilgrimage since the 6th Century.

Still Today Glendalough attracts many thousands of visitors from around the World each year, almost 1500 years after the Monastary was officially established.

I had the pleasure of visiting there again almost 20 years after my last visit to take some photographs of the beautiful scenic views, twin lakes and amazing beautiful waterfalls.

Its always cold this time of year in Ireland and the weather didn't disappoint it rained throughout my hiking weekend, but I still managed to get some awesome video and photography shots to share.

I don't get to write as much as I used to, but its always nice to catch up with the community here.

If like me you enjoy nature at its finest and would like to learn more about Glendalough you can read further information on the Glendalough heritage site at the following link.

You can check out my other online blogs at any of the following links

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Written by   80
2 months ago
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